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WAKE UP CALL!: Assessing local convenience-store business and readers' ongoing health-care concerns


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-- MAY RADARFROG PAGE: Make your outdoor furniture last.
-- WEEKLY FOOD PAGE: Creative baking.
-- WEEKLY NASCAR PAGE: Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s roller-coaster ride.
-- READER CALLOUT: Submit your spring photos.

MORNING MINUTES: Includes Word of the Day, Web Site of the Day, Number to Know, This Day in History, Today’s Featured Birthday and Daily Quote.

FAMILY TIME: Weekly family rail, with tips for moms, a review of “Date Night” and more.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Pick the best ground beef for burgers -- Weekly food rail, with items on shopping for ground beef, an easy recipe for Onion Salsa Salad, a review of Almond Joy Pieces, and more.

BUDGET GROCERIES: Discount outlets offer food for less, but they're not for everyone -- Shopping in grocery outlets is akin to a treasure hunt. The disparate offerings will wreak havoc with a traditional grocery list. Eggs one week. Milk the next. Low-carbohydrate, multi-grain tortillas, here today, gone tomorrow. A windfall of individual yogurt cups. Exotic spices priced so low one can hardly resist giving them a try. Foodstuffs with labels that will test your high-school Spanish. By Diana Rossetti of The Repository.

ASK THE VET: Your pets can go green, too -- It is estimated that every cat causes half a ton, and each dog causes 1.75 tons of greenhouse emissions every year. Here are several ways to minimize your pet’s impact on the environment.

WORKOUT FUEL: Keep it simple when eating for a long workout -- Getting faster, stronger and better depends on what you eat and drink. But it's easy to get stranded in the sea of processed foods, drinks and supplements geared toward sports performance. By Carol Sponagle of The State Journal-Register.

DR. GWENN SCHURGIN O'KEEFFE: The art of good medicine -- Have you ever consulted a doctor for an opinion about your health but found yourself unsure whether to follow the advice given? Even as a physician, I've been in that position and it isn't at all comfortable.

DR. MURRAY FEINGOLD: Allowing food during labor still a contested question -- Mrs. Jones is in labor and she is hungry. Should she be given some food to eat? The medical response to that question depends upon the era you are talking about. Until the mid-1940s, the answer would have been yes.

DR. JEFF HERSH: Sudden blow to the chest can spell danger -- There are conditions that can cause sudden cardiac death even in young healthy athletes, typically by causing a lethal arrhythmia. Sudden cardiac death affects fewer than 10 per million young athletes per year. More than 80 percent of these are actually due to an undiagnosed underlying heart problem.

DARIN ST. GEORGE: Does your swimsuit fit? We all knew spring would come sooner or later; just as we knew sweatshirts and sweatpants would give way to shorts and skirts. People are definitely setting their expectations way too high if they turn in poor to mediocre exercise effort all winter and think that their hopes will find solace in a pair of tight shorts.

WENDY MURPHY: Men fighting sex crimes deserve special thanks -- Groups like “Men Against Sexism” and “” understand the important role of men in prevention and are being embraced as leaders in the fight against sexual violence.

ALLISON COOPER: Don’t underestimate the athleticism of cheerleaders -- Being the bookworm I am, I have, in the past, underestimated cheerleading. And I know I’m not alone. I must say, however, that the training (two hours per day, five or six days per week, plus gymnastics class) is strenuous. And that’s not just by a bookworm’s standards.

SUZETTE MARTINEZ STANDRING: Healing hospitality to go -- A flagging spirit needs feeding. Feed the stomach and ignite the heart. Hospitality is the cure, but nowadays it isn’t easy.

LORETTA LAROCHE: We’ve turned food into a heavyweight of a problem -- The weight-gain situation in this country is a sad commentary on our culture. We have become like grazing cows, continuously munching and crunching, and moving slowly through the day.


CLOWN: Bello Nock was born to clown around - Named by Time magazine as “America’s best clown,” the 42-year-old married father of three earns his pay these days just being himself in the namesake “Bello Is Back,” a fun, action-packed production of the Big Apple Circus. By Chris Bergeron.

PIRATE ESCAPE BOOK: Captain's book recounts Somali pirate ordeal, rescue - After five days in a sweltering lifeboat with Somali pirates, Captain Richard Phillips refused to give up hope even when the crazy one with "Charlie Manson eyes" aimed his pistol at Phillips' head and dry-fired it. By Chris Bergeron.

THE CAB: 20 questions with Alex Johnson of The Cab - The drummer for The Cab talks about the new album, The Alternative Press Tour and what’s next. By Gary Darling.


GRANLUND CARTOON: Especially bad allergy season

BRITT CARTOON: Everything's just fine in the mining industry!

Business / Ag

AUTO BITS: Spring car-care tips - Weekly auto rail, with spring car-care tips, Car Q&A with Junior Damato and more.

SHOESTRING LIVING: Needs vs. wants - Even though I have some financial smarts, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to put them into practice. The fact is I’m aware of the Jones’ and admit I want some of that same stuff. I can easily rationalize something I deserve from time to time and falter just as much as the next guy trying to stay on the financial straight and narrow. By Molly Logan Anderson.

MAKING CENTS: Figuring out your tax withholding - When it comes to taxes, a lot of emphasis is placed on whether you are getting a refund or if you owe money when you file. Some prefer getting a refund. That spring check becomes a forced savings account and a way to save for large expenditures.

JIM FALL: And then there was the day that all the taxes were paid - Yes, April 15 rolls around Thursday. But the even more anticipated day that most often slips by pretty much unnoticed, although it is associated with the same set of circumstances, came a bit earlier this year. The day we were all really looking forward to this year was last Friday. That was Tax Freedom Day.

CHECKOUT LANE: Finding a bicycle that fits your needs - People are using bikes as an alternative mode of transportation, says Paul Anderson, owner of Anderson Bicycle in Quincy, Mass. “Americans are looking at the bicycle now as a viable form of second transportation.” By Lana Lagomarsini.
- Localize it by adding quotes from local bike shop owners.

ON COMPUTERS: Is wireless Internet access borrowing or theft? - There’s a huge debate about the legality of this. “Borrowing” access remains a murky area, and liability has not been established. Meanwhile, more of your neighbors are snatching access right out of your wireless router. So are businesses. As the price of network connection goes up, this gets worse. By Jim Hillibish.


KENT BUSH: Mickelson masters more than golf - The horrible "best golfer never to win a major" tag hung around Phil Mickelson's neck for years. His second-place finish in the 1999 U.S. Open to Payne Stewart hours before the birth of his first child and months before Stewart's death was emblematic of Mickelson's career.