SE 16/18 softball team ends regular season at 12-1, play in state tournament

Linda Seifert

The Sleepy Eye ASA 16/18 fast pitch softball team ended its regular season with games on July 20 and 22. The team played Lake Crystal on Tuesday, July 20. There were nine hits in this game. Gracie Sellner had three singles, Bella Hoffmann hit a single, a double, and had one RBI and Kallie Zarn hit a double and had two RBIs. Maya Nelson and Lacey Mathiowetz were each responsible for a single and one RBI and Kya Krzmarzick hit a single. Sleepy Eye won this game 9-3.

On July 22, Sleepy Eye played two games against MCW. In game one, Gracie Sellner hit a double and earned two RBIs and Bella Hoffmann added two singles and one RBI. Megan Ahlness had a single and two RBIs, Allie Labat hit a single with one RBI, and Lacey Mathiowetz added a single. Sleepy Eye came out on top with an 8-3 victory. In the second game, Sleepy Eye blasted two home runs. Allie Labat was hot with one home run, one triple, one double, and four RBIs. Kallie Zarn followed in her footsteps with one home run, four singles, and an RBI. Gracie Sellner contributed a double, a single, and three RBIs. Julia Helget had two singles with three RBIs, and Bella Hoffmann and Lacey Mathiowetz each contributed two singles and an RBI. The game ended with a 22-0 win for Sleepy Eye. The team ended the regular season with a 12-1 record.

Sleepy Eye ASA 16/18 softball team posed for a fun photo during the state tournament in Waite Park, front from left: Megan Ahlness, Brynja Mielke, Gracie Sellner. Middle: Maya Nelson, Bella Hoffmann, Allie Labat. Top row: Maddie Hose, Kallie Zarn, Lacey Mathiowetz, Julia Helget, Grace Bauer, and Kya Krzmarzick.

State Tournament

On July 24 the team hit the road for a two-day state tournament at Waite Park. All of the games were close. First the team played the Brownton Cubs. Lacey Mathiowetz pitched and Kya Krzmarzick caught. Allie Labat hit a double and drove in a run. Megan Ahlness hit a double and Kya  Krzmarzick had a single. Brynja Mielke drove in a second run. Sleepy Eye squeaked by with a 2-1 win.

Next Sleepy Eye played Fridley/Columbia Heights. Megan Ahlness pitched and Brynja Mielke did the catching. Kya Krzmarzick hit a double and had two RBIs, Bella Hoffmann added two singles, Allie Labat contributed one single and one RBI, and Kallie Zarn and Brynja Mielke each had a single. This time Sleepy Eye won 5-2.

The third and final game of the day saw Sleepy Eye meeting up with Barnesville. Lacey Mathiowetz pitched while Kya Krzmarzick caught. Julia Helget was the star of the game with a grand slam home run over the fence, one double, two singles and four RBIs. Grace Bauer added two singles with three RBIs, Kallie Zarn and Bella Hoffmann each contributed a single with two RBIs, while Allie Labat had a single and drove in a run. Kya Krzmarzick and Lacey Mathiowetz both had singles. Sleepy Eye glided through this game with a 16-0 win.

On Sunday the team met up with Annandale for a heartbreaking loss of 3-2, which dropped them into the losers bracket. Megan Ahlness pitched and Kya Krzmarzick caught. Kallie Zarn, Bella Hoffmann and Grace Bauer all three hit two singles while Brynja Mielke and Maddie Hose each contributed a single. The final game for Sleepy Eye was against Springfield. Lacey Mathiowetz did the pitching while Kya Krzmarzick did the catching. There were very few hits for Sleepy Eye with Lacey Mathiowetz having one single, one double, and an RBI and Kya Krzmarzick adding a single. This accounts for the tournament ending 5-2 loss. It should be noted that Maya Nelson contributed her short stop skills as the flex player for all five games.

Submitted by Linda Seifert.