Hagen and Fischer notch two more first place finishes

Deb Moldaschel
(Top) Starter Dave Vosbeck (far right) sent the Varsity girls on their race at the Sleepy Eye Golf Club Tuesday afternoon. Vosbeck has fired the starting gun at Track meets in Sleepy Eye for about 30 years and added Cross Country to his resume about five years ago. (Left) Laurence Simonsen, a junior at St. Mary's, achieved a personal record of 22:09 at Tuesday's home meet. (Right) St. Mary's 8th grader Noah Christensen crossed the finish line in third place with a personal record time of 19:19.  At left is Coach Lisa Hagen, encouraging runners while keeping times.

The Knights Cross Country team returned to the Springfield Golf Course on Thursday, Oct. 1 — a cooler day than the previous race there. Coach Lisa Hagen said everyone pushed very hard and she was proud of their efforts.

“Clare Fischer took a solid lead on the varsity girls race, finishing in a strong first,” Hagen said. “Lizzie Schwint did very well on her second race after coming back from an injury, with second on our team. Kayla Schroepfer, Elle Kyllonen and Jenny Piotter had a good finish, battling it out with the MVL team.”

“In the boys race, Joshua Hagen took off with two Springfield boys, Zack Hensch and Ben Potter,” said Hagen. “He ran with them the entire 5k, stride-per-stride, pulling ahead into first in the dramatic final sprint at the finish. Nate Fliszar finished fourth and Noah Christensen and Garrett Grawthwohl both held off the competition in their end sprints.”

Results for the Varsity Girls 5K:

Clare Fischer, 1st place, 20:33; Lizzie Schwint, 26:21; Elle Kyllonen, 27:46; Kayla Schroepfer, 27:47; Jenny Piotter, 27:48; Annika Nosbush, 28:32; Ellen Windschitl, 29:16.

Varsity Boys 5K:

Joshua Hagen, 1st place, 18:41; Nate Fliszar, 4th place, 19:27; Noah Christensen, 20:03; Garrett Grathwohl, 21:50; Charlie Macho, 23:29; Laurence Simonsen, 24:01.

Junior High Girls one mile:

Teresa Fischer, 9:33.

Junior High Boys one mile:

Nico Nosbush, 8:53.

On Tuesday, Oct. 6, the Knights hosted their final home meet at the Sleepy Eye Golf Club, against Tracy-Milroy and Wabasso. It was warm and windy, but Coach Hagen’s team had good races anyway.

“We saw five personal records broke today — Joshua Hagen, Noah Christensen, Lawrence Simonsen, Nico Nosbush and Lizzie Schwint all defeated the weather conditions to pull off their very best times,” Coach Hagen said.

The boys team had the 1st, 2nd and 3rd runners in — Hagen, Nate Fliszar and Christensen — leading to first place for the team. Each of these runners had an impressive lead in their finishes.

“Clare Fischer again led the girls race with over a minute and a half lead over second place,” said Coach Hagen. “Liz Schwint and Elle Kyllonen pushed hard and worked their way up in the girls race as well.”

Results for the Varsity Girls 5K:

Clare Fischer, 1st place, 19:43; Liz Schwint, 25:34 PR; Elle Kyllonen, 26:01; Kayla Schroepfer, 27:47; Annika Nosbush, 28:07; Ellen Windschitl, 28:24.

Varsity Boys 5K:

Joshua Hagen, 1st place, 17:39 PR; Nate Fliszar, 2nd place, 18:32; Noah Christensen, 3rd place, 19:19 PR; Garrett Grathwohl, 20:39; Laurence Simonsen, 22:09 PR; Charlie Macho, 22:36.

Junior High Girls one mile:

Teresa Fischer, 8:11.

Junior High Boys one mile:

Nico Nosbush, 6:58 PR.

“I'm proud of the whole team, they have worked hard this season and their efforts are showing up in times and places,” said Coach Hagen.

Thursday the Knights traveled to Winthrop to run against GFW for the last meet of the regular season. The stats will be published next week, but we know Hagen and Fischer took first place in their races again — for Fischer it was "third times the charm" as she beat Grace Feder of GFW after coming in second to her twice earlier this season.

On Tuesday, Oct. 13, Montgomery hosts the Section 2A Championship. The meet is split into five sessions, each approximately two hours long, with four teams running in each session. Running with the Knights will be LSH, WEM/JWP, and GFW.