Polesky accepts Assistant Coaching job at Bethany Lutheran College

Brandon Streich
Sports Writer
The Sleepy Eye Herald Dispatch

Brandon Polesky graduated from Sleepy Eye High School as a top of the class student and a stellar three-sport athlete. Brandon was named All-Conference for football, basketball, and baseball. It should come as no surprise that 2014 Tomahawk Conference Basketball Player of the Year has found success in life after his high school career. Polesky had continued his basketball career as an Assistant Coach for the Southwest Minnesota State University Mustangs in Marshall, MN. Polesky has since moved on from his time with the Mustangs and recently accepted an Assistant Coaching job at Bethany Lutheran College in Mankato.

Pat Garvin is the new Head Coach at BLC and was previously an assistant at MSU-Mankato. Garvin and Polesky began an acquaintance at the Final Four in Minneapolis last April. They also knew each other from coaching against each other being SMSU and MSU-Mankato were in the same conference. Garvin reached out to Polesky over the phone and offered him to be a recruiting coordinator as well as his top assistant coach.

At SMSU, Polesky worked underneath Head Coach Brad Bigler and had a large amount of responsibilities. Polesky organized high school and AAU schedules and essentially decided which games to attend he should go watch in attendance. In addition, Polesky would go to many high school and junior college games and had to look into players’ height, weight, position, GPA, their ACT scores, and everything else that includes the makeup of a potential college basketball player.

In addition to recruiting, Polesky organized many basketball camps. These camps ran in the summer, fall, and winter. In his two years at SMSU, Polesky ran camps at a total of 19 schools during their physical education classes. The main purpose of the camps was to focus on playing fun games and promote development within the youth. Polesky had a total of over 400 kids sign up this year.

In similarity with recruiting, Polesky also did plenty of scouting of opponents. Polesky and fellow assistant coaches would “paper” scout opponents. The types of paper scouting included potential game plans of what the Mustangs would do both offensively and defensively in the forthcoming games. Paper scouts would be handed out to each individual player.

Another form of scouting Polesky initiated himself into was going through opponents’ personnel and took notes on what their tendencies were and the type of style the opposing team played. via film. This film would be observed three times a week on each opponent they’d be facing. A video scout in its’ entirety was about 10 minutes long and was categorized into two parts, personnel and offensive actions.

Polesky also took on a bit of a role for the social media team as well. Polesky created weekly highlight films of the previous weeks games to post on social media and send to recruits to persuade them to the Mustangs. Also, Polesky would take bits of film from opposing teams in the NSIC to show recruits what type of competition they would be facing while being a part of the Mustangs program.

Polesky enjoyed his time at SMSU working underneath Bigler and looks forward to his time at Bethany Lutheran College. Polesky’s responsibilities will remain the same at Bethany Lutheran College.

While also looking forward to his time at BLC, Polesky says SMSU and the coaching staff will always hold a special place in his heart. “Coach Bigler, Coach Smith, and the SMSU basketball program will always have a special place in my heart. I learned a lot the past two years and I cannot thank Coach Bigler enough for giving me the opportunity to learn from and be a part of his staff.”