Please do it for those you love

Deb Moldaschel
The Sleepy Eye Herald Dispatch

Did you miss me last week? When it came time for me to write my last-minute column I kind of ran out of steam. I knew I already had the Opinion page filled and just decided I would get a week off.

I also kind of chickened out.

I'd chosen a cartoon about hesitancy to get the vaccine. I had in mind to write about it, too. I kind of chickened out but this week I am going to tackle the topic. I don't want to argue with anyone about this but am open to a calm and respectful discussion.

I believe that everyone who is eligible, or does not have a medical reason not to, should get the COVID-19 vaccine. I am very concerned that this country will not achieve herd immunity until most people are vaccinated. I am concerned that the virus will continue to spread and new variants will break out. I am concerned that COVID-19 caused the death of more than 600,000 people in the United States and if the virus continues to circulate many more will die. So much heartache for so many families.

I understand that many people think they will not get sick, or at least not very sick, if they contract COVID-19. They are correct.

I understand that some people have doubts about the vaccines' safety. If you are one of those, please talk to your doctor about it. Ask all your questions, ask for their recommendation. 

Protecting yourself is not the only reason to get the vaccine. Protecting those you love—such as children too young to be vaccinated and those in the community around you—that is the reason to get the vaccine even if you feel safe for yourself without it.

I don't understand the divide between people on this issue. I am old enough that I was vaccinated for smallpox and polio. People don't get those vaccines anymore. They don't need to because those vaccines worked to create herd immunity.

Please do it for those you love.

Speaking of being old enough . . . even though I love Party in the Park, I am old enough that sometimes I just want to stay home. When I saw Christina Andres' Party pictures on the Chamber's Facebook page I sent her a text and asked if I could have some of her great pictures for the newspaper. She said "of course" so I stayed home. Thank you to Christina and to the Miss Sleepy Eye organization—I used one of their pictures, too—for helping me chronicle another great Sleepy Eye event.