A smooth future ahead for 1st Avenue

Deb Moldaschel
The Sleepy Eye Herald Dispatch

Every time I head toward downtown I see the gas utility work being done along 1st Avenue (north) and ever time I see that I wonder when they are going to start the big dig on 1st Avenue.

The main reason I wonder is because I cross or travel on 1st Avenue almost every time I leave the neighborhood. I have made use of the wonderful new Elm Street (east) to get to the grocery or hardware store (it turns out I live very close to them) but sometimes the places I want to go are most efficiently reached by crossing or traveling on 1st Avenue.

And, I don't always leave myself a lot of extra minutes to get to where I am supposed to be.

The other day I asked Public Works Director Mike Hardin when the real work on 1st Avenue would start. He said probably the middle of next week. (I'm writing this on Tuesday, I will learn more at the City Council meeting tonight, I'm sure.)

I think when the digging up begins, they will start near St. Mary's School so they can be done there by the time school starts. But, how far south will they go when tearing up the street? Will I be looking for a new route next week already?

I've been joining a group of other ladies at the pool for water aerobics at 7 a.m. a couple times a week. (Well, the other ladies maybe go every day, but some days I am at my computer by that time.) When my 1st Avenue access is cut off I will need to try a new route, and maybe leave a couple minutes earlier!

Actually I am not really a complainer about road construction disruption. I think it is good news when our streets are well-maintained. When the project is finished the inconvenience will be forgotten and the new smooth road will be much appreciated.

Did you know the railroad will be removing a couple rails and installing new planks (that's what they call them, I guess) on 1st Avenue? That's a new smooth ride we can all appreciate!