Did you get a paper? What does it look like?

Deb Moldaschel
The Sleepy Eye Herald Dispatch

Okay—week one of our new layout process is complete. I finished my work early Tuesday morning (this is my last task, Tuesday 7:30 a.m.) and will be working with a designer during the day to make sure the Herald-Dispatch turns out almost like it always does.

I think I'll be satisfied if there are stories and photos on the pages where I planned for them to be. It's a small goal. In the weeks to come, my goal will be: better every time!

Now I have to wait until Wednesday afternoon to see our "new look" Sleepy Eye Herald-Dispatch and decide if I like it, or if I need to get used to it.

On to a local topic.

If you read the Letter to the Editor in last week's paper, you know that a citizen raised a concern about conflict of interest in our city government. Today's writer explains the issue very well.

Last week's writer also raised an issue that I have to admit I am clueless about.

What weed patch? And, how do I get my $1,000 for finding it? The intrigue is driving me crazy. Think of the good I could do with $1,000!

I will say this—it is good for citizens to take an interest in city government and other community issues. If you have concerns, or praise, or questions, please don't hesitate to write a Letter to the Editor. Get your issue out there for discussion and answers. It is best to send your letter by email so I receive it right away—dmoldaschel@gannett.com. I check for mail or dropped off items at our office on Wednesdays. (We're still working at home. I know—kinda weird, but the company is still working on "back to the office" plans.)

Have a great week and enjoy your Herald-Dispatch (can't wait to see mine!)