Grandma shots on the way!

Deb Moldaschel
The Sleepy Eye Herald Dispatch

WooHoo! I chose this cartoon because Wednesday was the day this grandma got her first shot!

Grandma Shots

I never could do cartwheels, so no one will see me doing that. I’ll just have a big smile.

I hesitated just a bit to publish this cartoon, because Cartoon Grandpa and Grandma have taken their masks off. Well, I suppose, they are outside and not with other people.

I am tired of all this staying away from other people—especially the staying away from my grandchildren. I’ve seen them several times, masked, and for just a short visit. Last summer we had a few longer visits, without masks and all stayed healthy. But as time went on and the numbers just kept getting worse—here and around the country—we just stopped doing that. All of the adults have jobs they can’t figure out how they would do if they were sick in bed, much less how having COVID-19 would affect everyone else at their work places.

I’m ready for a real family get together soon. We’re thinking about Palm Sunday and I’m thinking we still need to keep our distance a bit, probably no snuggling on the couch, but we can do those faces turned away hugs.

Our public health experts, here in Brown County and at the state and federal level, tell us we will still need to follow safe public health guidelines. As the number of vaccines administered goes up, we can all feel some comfort, but if the virus and its variants continue to spread, the risk of spikes in hospitalized cases and deaths is still there.

I’m getting protected against severe illness, but understand I still need to wear a mask in public. I’ll be smiling under it.