You’re the best! “Sleepy Eye’s Best, 2020 Community Choice Awards” has been published!

Deb Moldaschel
The Sleepy Eye Herald Dispatch

Be on the lookout for a special publication in your Reminder this week. Our first ever “Sleepy Eye’s Best, 2020 Community Choice Awards” has been published! 

This is a project that some of our sister papers have done for many years and this is the first year we introduced it in Sleepy Eye. Like any “first time” there is room to grow this fun project.

The businesses recognized in “Sleepy Eye’s Best” were nominated, online, by the public. Voting was also conducted online. Because it was our first time out, you are excused if you didn’t take part. (So, what I’m saying is, don’t feel bad, or mad, if your “best” isn’t recognized. Just resolve to nominate them next year!)

Congratulations to the businesses chosen as the best in Sleepy Eye for 2020!

(Hey - I think we forgot to nominate ourselves as best newspaper! On second thought, I guess that wasn’t a category.)

I am feeling very hopeful about the COVID-19 vaccination process. I’m in that over 65 group, so might get my opportunity for the vaccine not too long after the first group of healthcare providers, long term care residents, and essential workers have rolled up their sleeves. 

Okay, now that I look at that list, I realize it may still be awhile before I get my two shots. But when the opportunity comes around, I won’t hesitate. I am just as tired of not seeing loved ones, or going to out to eat, as anyone.

Maybe by the time spring warms up, most people will be vaccinated and we can experience life more like we call “normal.”

Please keep in mind, the scientists and doctors are telling us that even with the vaccine, we still need to wear masks, wash our hands, and keep our distance until widespread vaccinating has been completed. The vaccine does not guarantee we won’t catch COVID-19, but it will protect us from the severe illnesses we see now.

I don’t care if 99% of people survive the illness (or whatever percent people claim) there have been too many deaths, including people we know, and we should not accept that.