Mayor Pelzel re-elected, Krzmarzick, Andres win council races

Deb Moldaschel
The Sleepy Eye Herald Dispatch
(Top) Voter turnout was brisk Tuesday morning at the Sleepy Eye Event Center with over 160 voters through the doors in the first 90 minutes. (Below) New Election Judge, Lindsey Lepke, assisted those registering to vote.

Sleepy Eye voters made their choices for City Council on Election Day and through early voting and absentee ballots. A spirited contest was held in each race — Mayor, 1st Ward Councilor, and 2nd Ward Councilor — and with the votes counted, there will be two new people serving on the City Council.

Mayor Wayne Pelzel won re-election with 1,046 votes. Challenger Andrew Kelton received 646 votes.

For Ward 1 Councilor, challenger Scott Krzmarzick won election with 425 votes. Incumbent Joann Schmidt received 250 votes.

The Ward 2 council seat was open as Larry Braun decided not to seek another term. Christina Andres won this contest with 495 votes. Rajeana Wick got 223; Crystal Uys, 204; and Chuck Forster, 74.

Election results are not official until they have been reviewed and certified by a canvassing board — in this case the City Council is the canvassing board. The City Council is canvassing election results at a special meeting Thursday, Nov. 5 at noon.

The election for District 84 Board of Education was not completely counted early Wednesday morning at press time. Incumbents Darla Remus and Joleen Dittbenner were re-elected, but 322 write-in votes were yet to be tallied. The result is expected during the day Wednesday.