Updates on the projects going on in town

Mike Hardin, Public Works Director, City
Sleepy Eye
The Sleepy Eye Herald Dispatch

Underground utility work on the 2020-2021 Street and Utility project has been completed. For the rest of this season concrete and street surface work will be going on. Crews have begun doing work on the rehab streets, which are the streets that are getting spot curb and gutter repair, along with a new street surface.

This week one crew is mainly focusing on 4th Avenue NW. This section of road is a little bit more of a challenge to get prepared for new asphalt due to the wet soil conditions in this area. Another crew will continue to work on Southdale SW to get this street ready for the asphalt surface. The paving crew is hoping to be back in town on Friday, Sept. 18 or Monday, Sept. 21, weather permitting. Their plan is to get Southdale SW paved, along with whichever rehab streets are ready. The seeding crew will hopefully be here this week to get grass seeded and hydro mulched. They were hoping to be in town last week seeding but the weather did not allow for it.

On the 12th Avenue and St. Mary’s Street project, the sanitary sewer work has mostly been completed and a good amount of the water infrastructure has been installed. This week they started installing water main on the east end of St. Mary’s Street and will work their way west to the intersection with 6th Avenue to do the connections. Work will continue to be done on the storm water holding pond. Once the pond is completed, they will finish up the rest of the storm sewer infrastructure.

The railroad has also been in town the last few weeks and have finished up their part of the railroad crossing. This work included moving the switch to the east about 200 feet, installing the planking for the crossing, and installing the cross arms and warning lights. The crossing will not be usable to the public until the rest of the road work is done and the area is completely open to traffic, hopefully later this fall.

As I have said all through this construction season, THANK YOU to all the individuals involved for working so diligently to make these projects go so safe and smooth.

One other project that I would like to mention is along the trail on the east side of the lake. You may have noticed the eight concrete pads marked with orange cones between the bike trail and the lake. This week eight flag poles went up on these concrete pads and each pole will have two flags on it, an American flag and a military branch flag, POW flag, State of Minnesota flag, or the City of Sleepy Eye flag. This project has been fully sponsored by the Sleepy Eye Servicemen’s Club Charitable Gambling Fund. A huge THANK YOU to them. This will look very nice along our lake trail.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me at 794-4371.