12th Avenue and St. Mary’s Street project

Deb Moldaschel
The Sleepy Eye Herald Dispatch

Sometimes words don't do justice to a story, but a big picture can provide much clearer information. City Council reports and city official’s articles have been full of information about the 12th Avenue/St. Mary’s Street project for a couple years as plans were considered, discussions were held with the railroad, funding assistance was sought, and finally the project is underway. This bird’s eye view (drone camera, actually) shows the size and impact of the project. At the lower left is the new railroad crossing that allows for development of 12th Avenue north to St. Mary’s Street. The city has commercial lots for sale on both sides of 12th Avenue. On the left side of the photo the extension of Elm Street NE is also visible. Residential lots are available along Elm. To the far right of the photo the water main work for the new development of St. Mary’s Street is underway. St. Mary’s Street will connect with 12th Avenue, with Home Cemetery on its north side and new residential lots to its south. The storm water pond is not complete, but is visible with some water in it, near the center of the photo. Mathiowetz Construction Company is the prime contractor for this project. They are doing heavy earthwork for storm pond excavation, roadway excavation and the storm sewer system. MR Paving and Excavating is a subcontractor doing the sanitary sewer system and the water system.