Construction projects update; pool slides to be repainted

Mike Hardin
Public Works Director
The Sleepy Eye Herald Dispatch

The construction projects in town continue to progress nicely. Within the next couple weeks crews will finish up installing water and sewer utilities on 4th Avenue NW and Current Street NW. Concrete continues to be poured so that crews can keep preparing streets for the asphalt surface. Once they get a few more streets to final grade, we will see some more asphalt work being completed.

Some of the work on the rehab streets has begun, these are the streets that do not have any utility work being done. These streets will have some spot curb and gutter repair, some subgrade work done, and new asphalt surface.

Another crew has begun to clean up some of the boulevards on the reconstruct streets and fill them in with black dirt. I have received some questions and concerns regarding how clumpy and uneven the black dirt has been — do not worry, this is not the final topsoil! In the coming weeks crews will be screening black dirt from the 12th Avenue project and putting that down as the final topsoil. Once everything is shaped up and screened topsoil is put down, seeding and hydro mulching will take place to finish up the landscape work.

On the 12th Avenue project, the water and sanitary sewer work on Elm Street has been completed. Utility work has begun on Birch Street, but has been slow going because of the depth of the utilities and the wet soil conditions in this area. In the area where the storm water holding pond will be, the topsoil has been stripped and soon a crew will move in and start to dig the pond. Material from the pond will we hauled by off road trucks to the east side of 12th Avenue and used to fill in this area. An underground utility crew from Mathiowetz Construction has started doing some storm sewer work east of the existing houses around Elm Street and Emmerich Street. The railroad has also moved in and begun building the railroad crossing and moving the existing switch.

With the end of summer nearing and the start of school in the next couple weeks, the Aquatic Center will be closing for the season this Saturday, Aug. 22. Next week, the pool will be drained, and a crew will be on site to prep and repaint the two water slides. The water slides will have the seams resealed and the inside and outside surfaces will be repainted to help protect the fiberglass material from deteriorating. A BIG thank you to Wendy and all of her staff at the pool for making this odd and challenging pool season work so well!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me at 794-4371.