News from the chief

Chief of Police Matt Andres
Sleepy Eye Police Department
The Sleepy Eye Herald Dispatch

Guess who’s back, back again — yes, Amber Meyer is back. Since my last article I have been asked many times if we are hiring and I realize now that I was not clear on how the department was proceeding after Matt Schmidt left.

Amber Meyer is coming back to patrol after being on assignment for the last few years. Amber was assisting another agency during that time and they were covering her wages, so we hired temporary full-time officers to fill in for her absence. Amber has decided to end her assignment and return to full time patrol with the Sleepy Eye Police Department.

Amber started with the SEPD in 2011. Amber is an active officer who has shown great competence in her work, so there should be no change in the department workings. Amber is moving into the day shift schedule vacated by Matt Schmidt. Everyone should be seeing a lot of her.

Overall, it is a tough time to hire in law enforcement with the current climate, schooling numbers are at rock bottom and the prospects are largely small in numbers and underwhelming. There is a fight for the best recruits and often smaller agencies are losing out to the larger agencies. I am very pleased Amber made the decision to come back versus us having to hire a new officer. The Sleepy Eye Police Department is at full staff now with seven of us working.

In another area, I do have an issue I wish to address with the public. I have received a few complaints from RVS about illegal dumping on their property. From what I understand this has been common for quite some time. Since they have moved to a new location and with the recycling now east of Schutz Family Foods, they are going to get this practice ended. RVS has installed security cameras around their building and will be installing a camera to watch the recycle bins. They have contacted me to let me know that they will be pressing charges and seeking payment for anyone they catch on video illegally dumping at either location. Illegal dumping is a crime, as is trespassing. By illegally dumping at their location you are also causing them to work without paying for their services. Please just be aware that if you are caught illegally dumping at either location you will be speaking with an officer.