Sleepy Eye Mayor’s message

Mayor Wayne Pelzel, City
Sleepy Eye
The Sleepy Eye Herald Dispatch

Happy 4th of July! This special national holiday gives us cause to really appreciate the freedom and independence we have living here! With all that is happening around this great country, its good to see patriotism alive and well here in the rural area. The recent decision by the City Council to go ahead with a fireworks display on the 4th is a vivid reminder of how blest and fortunate we are. Special thanks to our firemen, who, because of their special training, make it possible to have a fireworks display.

Although there was some COVID risk in opening the swimming pool, I support its opening and hope for a good and safe summer. All the good reasons that the pool was built in the first place are certainly present this year, so it’s being put to good use. Thanks to the pool staff for your efforts to keep the children safe and give them a place to cool off.

The EDA (Economic Development Authority) recently met with Dean Simonsen, our County Commissioner. Brown County presently holds possession of the former Shane’s Tire building on Main Street. There is grant money available to get the underground fuel tanks removed if the County does it. The Chamber of Commerce is interested in the building as a new office space, which would give them access to the public on Highway 14. We see it as a way to give them that access while improving another Main Street building and getting those underground tanks removed. Dean asked that we send a letter to the other commissioners asking them to support this project and that letter is being taken care of.

The Servicemen’s Club recently presented a plan to erect flag poles near each of the benches along the lake and Highway 4, for the purpose of displaying the US flag, and additional flag poles to display a flag for each branch of the military. We thank those involved for their efforts to remind us of how important patriotism is and how much our veterans in each branch of the service have done to keep us free.

A new shelter is planned for Sportsmen’s Park. in the area near to campers, thanks to a $6,000 donation from the Sportsmen’s Club. This shelter would primarily be for use by campers who have larger groups, but would also be used by the Lights in Motion folks in the winter time. They have also indicated that they may make a contribution to support this effort. It is planned that the shelter will be built by Parks Department employees led by Steve Lingen.

The construction projects around town are moving forward. Recent rains have slowed some of the efforts a little, but good progress seems to be happening. Apparently some streets, including Summit Street, are nearly ready for blacktop. A final layer of blacktop will then be applied next year after the road has had a chance to settle.

Three lots in the 12th Avenue construction project area have been spoken for, two along Elm Street.

The City’s Finance Committee recently discussed an offer to purchase the remainder of the Snow Farm, which is about 80 acres. That committee recommended holding the land as an attraction to future developers and to not sell it for farmland. The City currently rents it to area farmers.

There are a number of discussions happening regarding open buildings on Main Street. People are looking at opening businesses and that is great. I don’t know which of those discussions will lead to future openings, but its really encouraging to see and hear the interest.

There is an opening on the Blight Committee. Give me a call if you’d be interested in serving the community on this committee.