City Council decides ATVs to be allowed on Sleepy Eye City streets

Deb Moldaschel
The Sleepy Eye Herald Dispatch

The item on the City Council’s Tuesday, June 8 meeting agenda that took the most time and attention was approval of the second reading of an ordinance regulating special use vehicles (Class 2 ATVs, UTVs) on City roadways. City Attorney Alissa Groen reminded the council that over the past few years, they’d discussed making a change to allow ATV use in town and [Tuesday night] had a proposed ordinance before them. Groen told the council that if they chose to allow Class 2 vehicles to travel in the main roadway, like other vehicles, the State requires the City to permit drivers.

City Manager Bob Elston said they could create an online permit application. 

When a council member asked about informing the public and enforcement, Police Chief Matt Andres said he would provide public education through his newspaper column and the police department would enforce the law, treating ATV use the same as any other vehicle—stop them if there is a reason and then ask for the driver’s permit and proof of insurance.

The council approved the ordinance. Elston said the ordinance would be in effect 30 days after publication.

The council approved:

•Accepting donations: $300 from Leslie R. Hoffmann to the Ambulance Service in memory of Robert R. Hoffmann; $200 from Schwartz Farms to the Fire Department; a $10,000 grant from the Carl and Verna Schmidt Foundation to the library for new shelving.

•Mayor Pelzel’s appointment of Toby Arneson to the EDA Board.

•First reading of an ordinance to sell Snow Farm Lot 8, Block 1 to Cory Domeier for $59,000.

•Second reading and adoption of ordinances to sell real estate: $32,000 each for the last two lots in “shed row” (south of Elm Street) to Brian and Abigail Schwartz and to Eugene and Jill Sellner; $86,400 for Lot 3, Block 1, Snow First Addition to Briar and Heidi Braulick.

Engineer Matt Miller gave the council updates on construction projects:

12th Avenue/St. Mary’s St. is nearly complete, the streets are expected to be open to traffic June 10.

CSAH 35/1st Avenue: Bid opening was Wednesday morning (after press time), special council meeting at noon on June 16 to accept bids on the city’s portion, CenterPoint is already working—moving gas lines out of the way. Construction may begin in late June or early July.