News from Chief Andres

Matt Andres, Chief of Police, City of Sleepy Eye

The nice weather will be here, eventually. With the spring comes quite a bit more traffic. People are out and about, and it just feels good to move around when the warmth finally comes. Add to this that Covid restrictions are being lifted and people are feeling better about being out after a tough year—I expect quite a bit of traffic both vehicles and pedestrian. 

With so much traffic, this is my plea to everyone, be cautious when out in Sleepy Eye. 

Both drivers and pedestrians need to watch for each other. I know that drivers need to yield to pedestrians but when they fail at that pedestrians need to protect themselves. 

In my police schooling an older State Patrol Officer explained to my class the “Law of Lug Nuts.” Simply put: he/she with the most lug nuts wins the accident. 

We all know that nobody wins in an accident but the bigger the vehicle that hits us the more likely we are to be hurt. A vehicle failing to yield to a pedestrian is at fault, but the pedestrian is the one who gets injured. 

Spring is also the time teen drivers start to experiment with their accelerators. It never fails, as the weather turns nicer I can hear the vehicles over-accelerating around town. Please have a talk with your teen driver about being safe and watching for pedestrians. It only takes a moment to change many lives forever. 

Please keep the speed down and stop for pedestrians walking and biking. Overall, we have been lucky in Sleepy Eye. We have not had too many bad accidents in town; they do happen though. We average around three to six accidents a month and most are minor. This may date me a bit but as Sergeant Esterhaus said: “Let’s be careful out there.”