Sleepy Eye Chamber of Commerce working on plans for summer activities

Christina Andres, Executive Director, Sleepy Eye Chamber of Commerce

One year later and we’re still searching for some remnants of what we used to call “normal.” 

March came and went as only it does here in Minnesota; with the teasing of false Spring, only to return us to cooler temps and even a few snow flurries, to continue our longing for the warmth of the summer months. Ironically, this is the same mindset that must still remain for the events and happenings of the Sleepy Eye Chamber for 2021. We are eager for the return to the familiar and are working on creating that, while remaining within the regulations and guidelines we are subject to.

Our business community too has been working overtime to keep themselves open and working within the parameters they must operate in. Masks are still required when entering our businesses and the courtesy of remaining socially distant is still being practiced respectfully. In the beginning of April, capacity numbers were expanded allowing for more patrons to support our Sleepy Eye businesses at one time. We are hopeful that this trend will continue as more of our community continues to get vaccinated. 

Speaking of which, we are so grateful to our Sleepy Eye Medical Center for their tireless efforts in assisting so many residents and surrounding community members in getting their vaccination. If you haven’t already, contact them to get on ‘The List.’ It is commitment such as this and that of our other businesses that allow for that eventual sense of “normal” to become attainable.

Here at the Chamber, we obviously have been thinking about the summer and all that we enjoy celebrating within the community. We are working within the current department of health event guidelines to plan for what would be our traditional Corn Days weekend. Here’s what I can tell you so far: The celebration dates will remain the same, August 20-22 but activities, times and locations are still being worked out. At this time (April 2021) we do not have a parade planned, as safety guidance hasn’t been established for that. However, there is lots of time between now and July (when we could still plan should guidance be given), so this might still be a possibility. We also presently, are not looking at hosting any large gathering up at Allison Park yet for this year, as once again safety guidance around this type of multi-use event location have not been established and is a bit more meticulous. Activities that are in the works for this year are waiting on some final details before confirmation, so plan on announcements coming in May. These activities will take place throughout the entire community with special attention paid to the lake and downtown. Stay tuned!

The Sleepy Eye Chamber will also begin planning its 31st Annual Golf Tournament for June 24 at the Sleepy Eye Golf Course. Look to our website for more information to participate or sponsor. We are also hoping to work with Brown Coounty Public Health to give guidance on how it may be possible to hold our annual Party in the Park event. If we are able to plan something safely for our local organizations, that would be held July 22 from 5 to 8 p.m.

As I write this, I can feel your frustration and exhaustion with limits, but I can also feel your understanding and your peace, in that all things happen as they should, in the capacity that they are able. Summer will happen and memories will be made again…even if Spring and “norms” remain elusive.