Sleepy Eye Mayor Wayne Pelzel's April message

Mayor Wayne Pelzel, City of Sleepy Eye

With a great deal of regularity, we hear reports of people seeking housing in the community who are unable to find what they are looking for. Unfortunately, some of those folks end up looking to neighboring communities to secure the housing they want. It is for that reason that housing continues to occupy time on City Council agendas.

City officials continue to negotiate with Alliance Builders of St. Cloud. Much of that discussion is focused on finding an appropriate location for a larger multifamily structure. Some of the locations would require roads to be built and Alliance does not want to pay for that infrastructure. Other locations are too small. Another requires pilings and that increases the cost. And so it goes. Finding the right location is a multifaceted challenge. But, we continue to move forward.

We’ve called for a financial analysis of each of the possible sites. That analysis will include tax abatement (postponing taxes), property costs, assessments, and any other considerations involved with that particular location. Hopefully, that analysis will make it clearer which site is best.

Alliance is proposing to build a three story, 30-plus unit apartment building with one, two and three bedroom apartments. Their intent would be to eventually add a second phase to the building with even more apartments. Their deadline would be to begin construction by August and have it ready for spring rental.

The City also is open to other housing considerations and has visited with potential builders of duplexes, fourplexes and other configurations. Bob Pelzel is also making efforts to reinvigorate the old mill as a potential apartment building using state and federal funds.

The City was notified that the curb and gutter and sidewalk will be going in shortly on the 12th Avenue and St. Mary’s Street addition. Originally, that work was scheduled for later in the summer.

On the other hand, work on First Avenue is scheduled to begin later in summer. The work will begin on Walnut Street and continue north on First to St. Mary’s Street. This is a County street so they will be financing the majority of the project.

The Sportsmen’s Club has offered to fund a good portion of two new docks for Sleepy Eye Lake. One of the docks will be the major boat landing dock. We thank the Sportsmen’s Club for this effort as well as their ongoing contributions to various lake and community related projects.

Park personnel (Matt and Craig) along with other City personnel have cleared and removed a lot of brush in and around Sportsmen’s Park this early spring. Their work has really opened up the park and will give campers a better view of the lake.

You will notice barrels have been installed at various locations at the lake and the east arm of the lake. These are a part of the study being conducted to give us a better indication of where the sediment in the lake is coming from. Please do not mess with the equipment that is there.

The City Council is beginning consideration to allow side-by-sides on the city’s streets. If you have input into what should and should not be part of this, make sure to let your City Councilor know.