Don’t feel like you have to speed up out there by Dairy Queen

Deb Moldaschel
The Sleepy Eye Herald Dispatch

The most interesting thing at Tuesday night’s city council meeting (at least for this writer) came at the end. After Police Chief Matt Andres said he didn’t have anything to bring up, a council member asked him what happened with the speed limit by Del Monte—now set at 45 mph starting by Dairy Queen going west. 

“MNDOT has apologized profusely for not letting us know they were doing that,” said Andres. He explained MNDOT wanted to slow traffic on the curve and have some regulation about how long a stretch of different speed limit has to be. Questioned after the meeting, Andres agreed that slowing traffic to the golf course is a good idea, speeding it up past a couple in-town intersections, not such a good idea.

During the regular business portion of the city council meeting, several ordinances had first readings or approval of second readings—most concerning property.

•Approved second reading of an ordinance establishing Twice Addition, a property at 6th Avenue and St. Mary’s NE. Owner Justin Weiss also received approval for zero setback to allow the duplex on the property to be sold as two separate housing units.

•Approved second reading of an ordinance to rezone a lot on Walnut Street from residential to business industrial (will match those around it.)  

•Approved second reading of an ordinance to sell a lot in Sleepy Eye Hollow’s 5th Addition (on Elm Street) to Greg and Deb Braulick for $32,000.

•Held the first reading of an ordinance to sell a parcel of land west of the SEMC to Toby and Jody Arneson.

•Held the first reading of an ordinance to sell lot 10 of Block 1 Snow’s first addition to Haala Properties LLLP (the lot south of Casey’s).

•Held the first reading of an ordinance to amend [reduce] the square footage required per unit of a multi-family facility as it relates to lot size. This came about after meeting with a prospective developer for an apartment complex. Council members were concerned about allowing this, but agreed to bring it forward for a second reading after researching the issue further.

•Held the first reading of an ordinance to allow ATVs, XUVs (side by side type) vehicles to be used on city streets. City Attorney Alissa Groen said she would work with Chief Andres and City Manager Bob Elston to draw up the actual ordinance. This issue had been discussed by a past city council with no action taken at that time.

The council approved a liquor license renewal fee reduction of $350 (14% of total) in light of the 51 day closure of those businesses.

Engineer Dave Palm said Monday’s public hearing on the 1st Avenue reconstruction project went well with few concerns expressed. The council passed a motion to order the improvements and prepare plans and specs. This is primarily a county project, but the city will do water and sewer work. Bids will be let in June with work expected to start in early July.