Another busy construction season coming for Sleepy Eye

Mike Hardin, Public Works Director

Another busy construction season is in the works! 1st Avenue is actually a county road and Brown County has decided it is time to reconstruct 1st Avenue from Walnut Street all the way north to St. Mary’s Street. The county will also be doing a rehab of St. Mary’s Street from Highway 4 north to 3rd Avenue NE, and 3rd Avenue NE from St. Mary’s Street to Windsor Road. 

The city’s portion of the reconstruct project will be to replace the sanitary sewer and water main, along with all service lines. The county’s portion of the project will be to remove and replace the entire road surface, all the curb and gutter, and most of the sidewalk and pedestrian ramps. This project will be similar to our street and utility project that was done this past summer. The rehab part of this project will consist of mill and overlay of the street surface along with spot repair of some curb and gutter. The county will also be removing and replacing any pedestrian ramps that are not ADA compliant. 

All this work is currently in the design phase, with the plan of going to bid in April and construction to begin this summer. 

With this project and our two other projects continuing into this summer, it is looking to be another busy construction season here in Sleepy Eye.

On the Public Utilities side of things, I just want to remind everyone that just because we are in the “cold weather rule” season does not mean that it is okay to not pay your utility bill. Your utility bill will have to be cleared up sooner or later and the longer you wait the harder it is to do that. We understand that we are in a pandemic right now, and some are affected more than others. If you are having trouble paying your utility bill, contact the office at 794-4371 to find out what assistance options are out there or to set up a payment plan. We are willing to work with customers that make an honest effort to pay their utility bill.

 As always if you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me at 794-4371.