Sleepy Eye Public School

John Cselovszki
The Sleepy Eye Herald Dispatch

Sleepy Eye Public School continues to deal with COVID-19 related issues in our district. Unfortunately, positive cases are going up at an accelerated rate the past month in the state as well as in Brown County. The 14-day average positive case rate is in the mid-20s in our county. Technically this number would call for hybrid instruction for both of our buildings. We are thankful that the school district is able to use the school-based spread rate as one of the major determining factors in this decision. Because we have not seen spread of the virus among our students, we continue to stay with the in-person elementary and the hybrid high school models at this time.

Just recently we have started a conversation about how our current hybrid model is working for our people. We are researching the situation and trying to see if we potentially can improve on the current model.

We have seen a recent uptick in positive cases among our people and we have many students isolated, as well. The school has been very excited to see the return of fall sports that offers our students the opportunity to experience a sense of normalcy. Unfortunately, we needed to quarantine our varsity volleyball team but are hoping to see them back on the court very soon.

We are also discussing potential opportunities for our music program to show case their talents despite the Covid restrictions. The music staff is working on these options as we speak.

Sleepy Eye Public School is very thankful for all of our veterans who have served our country. We won’t be able to have our annual program this week to recognize our brave men and women who served or are still serving in our armed forces. I want to send a big shout out to all those who are currently serving or served in the past defending our democracy.

I want to wish everyone a great upcoming Thanksgiving break. Enjoy your time with family as much as possible despite the pandemic.