Pearson is new Executive Director at VOA Sleepy Eye Senior Living

Deb Moldaschel
Nathan Pearson, Executive Director of Sleepy Eye Senior Living, is enjoying his new position with VOA and the community of Sleepy Eye.

Nathan Pearson, Executive Director of VOA Sleepy Eye Senior Living, started his position just five weeks ago, but he already knows what he finds most impressive about the facility.

“The longevity of service among our staff impressed me right away,” said Pearson. “They’ve gone through pain and joy together. There is a lot of kindness in our staff — they’ve been very welcoming to me.”

Pearson, who has over 16 years of experience in the senior care industry, came to Sleepy Eye from a position with another senior care organization in Stillwater. While he is new to the VOA family, he isn’t new to the work.

Pearson said he once thought he might become a doctor and majored in Biology in college. He decided the life of a doctor was not a good fit for his young family and found a new path to meet his desire to help people. He earned a B.S. in Healthcare Administration and began to build his career.

Pearson said his current focus is to understand more about how VOA fits in the community of Sleepy Eye, and also how it cares for the community. He said the kind welcome he experienced with his staff has been mirrored by community people he’s met. He plans to becoming active in the community and looks forward to a time when local business people are again able to meet at Chamber of Commerce events.

Another focus for Pearson — “Plus, we are always looking for good people to join our staff at VOA.”

Nathan and his wife Shelley have three daughters and one son. They are currently renting a home just east of town and looking for a home of their own.