WANTED – Photographs of Rural School Houses in Brown County

From the Brown County Historical Society
Cottonwood Township #3 and Home Township #21

The Brown County Historical Society is seeking photographs of rural school houses in Brown County. Photographs are a valuable resource for research; the BCHS does have a large photograph collection but is missing images of some of the rural schools in the county.

The following is a list of the school districts for which photos are wanted:

•Albin - Districts 33 and 73

•Bashaw - Districts 72 and 80

•Burnstown - Districts 40, 64, 55, and 65

•Cottonwood - District 5

•Eden - Districts 74, 79, 57, and 18

•Home - Districts 19, 17, 22, 23, and 24

•Lake Hanska - District 81

•Leavenworth - District 32

•Linden-Districts 53, 20, 38, and 37

•Milford - District 0

•Mulligan - District 76

•North Star - Districts 56, 78, and 82

•Prairieville - Districts 58, 29, 77 and 60

•Stark - District 25

•Sigel - District 68

•Stately - Districts 71, and 66

If you have photographs of any of the schools on the list and are willing to share with the BCHS; please contact Darla Gebhard, BCHS Research Librarian, at research@browncountyhistorymn.org or at 233-2619. NOTE: Photographs can be scanned and returned to you so you may keep your original photographs in your collection. For the upcoming Early Brown County Exhibit, early photographs — prior to 1910 will be needed; however, any photographs of schools on the list will be appreciated.

The permanent Early Brown County Exhibit, scheduled for installation in spring of 2021, will tell about the development of Brown County including: the influence of Native Americans, Fur Traders, Pioneer Settlers and their way of life; historical events; establishment of townships, towns and cities; commerce and industry, ethnic diversity; services like communications, education and health care; and recreation of the residents of early Brown County. This new exhibit will be designed to engage and educate audiences of all ages with images, artifacts, audio and interactive components. Visitors will have an opportunity to learn about what makes Brown County unique and yet similar to other counties in Minnesota.

For more information, email programs@browncountyhistorymn.org or call: 507-233-2620. Check out the BCHS on Facebook and on the website: browncountyhistory.org