Trapshooting season wraps up for Sleepy Eye FFA

Courtesy Sleepy Eye FFA

Suess finishes 5th in Sporting Clays, Price wins Annie Oakley competition

The Sleepy Eye FFA Trap Shoot Team has completed its trap shooting season. There are three shoots for the season: Springfield, Mt. Lake, and then the State Shoot at Marshall.

Trap shooting and sporting clays are two of the three major forms of competitive clay pigeon shooting. The objective of the trap shooting team is to involve students in the highest standards of safety, sportsmanship, ethical behavior, along with safe and responsible use of firearms. The program also helps members develop self-confidence, personal discipline, sportsmanship and teamwork.

The Sleepy Eye FFA Trap Shoot Team members who attended at least two shooting events, including the State Trapshooting Event at Marshall, include, from left: Jacob Fulmer, Josh Sellner, Ari Krizmarzick, Caleb Suess, Noah Rossbach, Jake Price, Nathan Rathman, Carter Swenstad, Emma Fischer, Winsten Nienhaus, Kayla Hecht, Gavin Fischer, and Jared Trebesch.

The 2021 Sleepy Eye FFA Trap Shoot Team members who participated in the shoots this year included Jake Price, Josh Sellner, Carter Swenstad, Gavin Fischer, Nathan Rathman, Sam Price, Caleb Suess, Kayla Hecht, Ari Krzmarzick, Noah Rossbach, Jared Trebesch, Jacob Fulmer, Winsten Nienhaus, and Emma Fischer.

The first Trap Shoot event was in Springfield on Saturday, Sept. 11. Top placing members were Jake Price, Caleb Suess, and Gavin Fischer.

The team then traveled to Mountain Lake on Sept. 18. At this shoot, the top placing members included Gavin Fischer (8th top individual overall), Caleb Suess, and Jacob Fulmer. Team 3 finished 3rd overall; members included Jake Price, Josh Sellner, Carter Swenstad and Gavin Fischer.

Jake Price won the Annie Oakley Competition at the Mountain Lake Shoot.

Jake Price was also the winner of the Annie Oakley Competition. Annie Oakley rules are as follows: Starting with the shooter on the far left end of the line, the shooting begins. The first shooter calls for a target and must shoot the target on the rise. If he/she hits the target, the next shooter to his/her right will call for a target. If the first shooter misses his/her target, the second shooter must shoot at it. If he/she hits the target, the first shooter is out. If the second shooter misses the target, the third shooter has the option of shooting at it. If he/she hits the target, the first and second shooters are out. If he/she misses it, all shooters are safe and the second shooter will start the next round. This sequence is repeated down the line. When the next-to-last shooter is first, it makes the person on the far left the third shooter. The rotation will continue until there is only one shooter left. 

Caleb Suess placed 5th out 103 individuals in the Sportings Clays Competition at the State Shoot in Marshall.

On Sept. 25, the Sleepy Eye members traveled to Marshall to compete in the State Trap Shoot Event. Top Trap Shooting members included Caleb Suess, Jake Price and Jared Trebesch. Top Sporting Clay members were Gavin Fischer, Jake Price, and Caleb Suess (5th top individual overall out of 103 participants). Sleepy Eye teams placed 8th and 9th in the state at the Sporting Clays event. The 8th place team included Jared Trebesch, Jacob Fulmer, Winsten Nienhaus, Kayla Hecht, and Emma Fischer. The 9th place team included Nathan Rathman, Caleb Suess, Ari Krzmarzick, and Noah Rossbach.

This year the team was sponsored by the Sleepy Eye Sportsman’s Club and MDHA Sunriser Chapter. They sponsored shooting registration fees, team T-shirts, and trap loads. Their support is much appreciated by the team members! Also, a big thank you to Mike and Mindy Hardin for helping coach and coordinate the team and events. The team had a great season and is looking forward to next year!

By Leisha Martinez, FFA Reporter