Sleepy Eye Public School 4th graders plant tree for Arbor Day


Arbor Day is normally celebrated in Sleepy Eye with a wonderful program for local 4th graders put on by the City of Sleepy Eye. This year, however, COVID-19 restrictions didn't allow for the program to take place. 

It's hard to top the city’s program with Mayor Pelzel’s jokes and history, expert knowledge of planting trees, and the special Arbor Day performances by the students. 

Sleepy Eye Public School’s 4th grade students did their best to celebrate their own Arbor Day on April 30 by planting a sugar maple in front of the school. 

Students learned the history and importance of Arbor Day and then planted their own tree. Teacher Mindy Hardin said the students will get to watch their tree grow over the years to come and possibly recreate the picture by the tree when they graduate.

Fourth graders posed with their tree, front from left: Adan Martinez, Natalie Fulmer, Natalie Rolling, Kaylie Fulmer, Samuel Rodriguez, Edgar Flores, Abigail Krzmarzick, Ella Arkins. Middle: Oziel Lozano, Jaxon Saenz, Michael Aspelund, Arianna Hernandez, Kaylie Piehl, Eli Burbank, Carsten Nienhaus, Jeremiah Garcia, Mia Walter, Laylana Hoffmann. Back: Landon Riederer, Lydia Boomgarden, KayLynn Como, Hayden Bennett, Alannah Urbano, Anders Coulson, Jayden Macias-Zarate, Maci Lang, Milagros Navarrete, Ian Lushine, Suri Hernandez-Espinoza. Not pictured: Kaliya Confer, Manuel Gaona, Caiden Helget, Adrian Ludewig, Cassie Muehlbauer, Dhwani Patel, and Aaron Garcia.  
Below: Jayden Macias-Zarate shoveled dirt around the sugar maple the 4th graders planted in front of the school.