Sleepy Eye School Board organizes for 2021

Deb Moldaschel
The Sleepy Eye Herald Dispatch

The Sleepy Eye District 84 Board of Education held their first meeting of 2021 on Jan. 13. Newly elected board member Sandy Gonzalez attended her first meeting. The first order of business was election of officers and committee assignments.

Board officers were all re-elected: Chairperson, Darla Remus; Vice Chair, Casey Coulson; Clerk, Sheila Wurtzberger; Treasurer, Joleen Dittbenner.

Board members accepted assignment to the following committees and many were re-assignments:

Riverbend-Darla Remus

CAT-Joleen Dittbenner, Brian Nelson, Sandy Gonzalez

CED-Joleen Dittbenner

Br. Co. Advisory Board-Sheila Wurtzberger

Vocational Programs:

Business-Bryan Sellner

Graphic Arts-

Sheila Wurtzberger

Construction Trades-

Brian Nelson

Agriculture-Brian Nelson

Meet and Confer-Joleen Dittbenner, Sheila Wurtzberger, Casey


Negotiations-Casey Couslon, Darla Remus, Brian Nelson

Transportation-Bryan Sellner, Darla Remus, Sheila Wurtzberger

MNSHSL-Darla Remus

Policy-Joleen Dittbenner, Sheila Wurtzberger, Brian Nelson

SE Schools-Casey Coulson, Bryan Sellner, Brian Nelson

Legislative Liason-Darla Remus

Facilities-Casey Coulson, Bryan Sellner, Brian Nelson

Staff Development-Darla Remus, Sandy Gonzalez (will rotate)

Food Service-Sandy Gonzalez, Joleen Dittbenner, Sheila Wurtzberger

Superintendent John Cselovszki reported that the high school will continue with the hybrid model for now. He said as of that day four elementary and three high school students were in quarantine, none in isolation. Cselovszki said staff will have saliva testing on Thursdays, every two weeks, to check for asymptomatic COVID-19 cases (testing not for those who have symptoms or know they’ve been exposed.) He also mentioned that the paid COVID leave has expired and would like the board to set a policy on this next month.

Action items approved:

•Resolution directing administration to make recommendations for reductions in program for 2021-22 and positions and reasons therefore.

•Declare wood shop planer as surplus equipment.

The next meeting is Feb. 10 at 5:30 p.m.