All smiles under the masks!

Mr. Weicherding's 2nd grade class at Sleepy Eye Public School are happy to show how well they've adapted to wearing masks at school and tell how glad they are to be back.

Sleepy Eye Public School 2nd graders in Mrs. Arneson and Mr. Weicherding’s classes are so excited to be back in school learning with their friends and teachers. You may not be able to see the smiles under those masks, but they are there. Students are doing a fantastic job managing this difficult time in our world.

Mrs. Arneson and Mr. Weicherding are very proud of how positive the students are no matter the circumstances. They said, “Together we will get through this and we are so grateful for each day we get to learn together.”

The 2nd grade students explained why they enjoy being back in school:

“I like playing in gym.” Bella Eckstein

“I like to be in school because I like math!” Kallin Kuelbs

“I love reading and math.” Jax Martinez

“I like science, math, and reading.” Mark Urbano

“I like to see my friends!” Elsie Weicherding

“Learning math is so fun at school.” Jayden Stuedemann

“It’s easier being back at school, I get to see my teachers.” Madison Jensen

“We get to write at school.” Jayleena Garza

“I like learning from my teacher while being at school with my friends.” Journey Fields

“I get to learn and play with my friends at school.” Mateo Rodriguez

“We get to play in the classroom.” Zoey Romberg

“We get to have class parties!” Natalie Madison

“We are always learning here.” Yaretzy Chavez

“We get to listen to stories at school.” Skylar Martinez

“We get to see all of our friends in person!” Madison Seifert

“Wear a mask now so we can stay in school.” Miles Krzmarzick

“We want to be in school to learn.” Bentley Bauer

“It makes me happy to see my friends and teacher!” Brynne Jacobsen

“I like to see my friends.” Alex Dominguez

“There are less distractions at school and I’m not tempted to play my Nintendo Switch!” Hudson Braulick

“I like being able to learn about math.” Brayden Deibele

“I like being able to reach my AR goal.” Mila Boomgarden

“I love to play with my friends.” Katelyn Ludewig

“I like being able to use the balls and playground equipment.” Joziah Almanza

“Learning in school is easier than distance learning.” Jaxon Peterson

“I like this new school!” Mason Schottenbauer

“I get see friends I haven’t seen in a long time.” Madelynn Mangen

“We get to do art, music, and gym!” Kinley Bertrand

“I finally get to see my teacher in person!” Aubrey Kuelbs

“When I am at home it’s way harder, at school the teacher can help me right away!” Robert Atkinson-Zaugg