FFA announces May members of the month

Katelyn Capacia
Chapter Reporter
McKenna Dockter, Edwin Flores, Alex Joramo and Asha Schmid.

Sleepy Eye FFA officers and members of the month for May are McKenna Dockter, Edwin Flores, Alex Joramo and Asha Schmid.

McKenna Dockter is an 11th grader at Sleepy Eye Public School and has been in FFA for five years. She joined FFA because she wanted to be involved in the community and be able to meet many new people. Mckenna is the new Chapter 1st Vice President and she likes it because at events she gets to talk a lot and have many responsibilities. McKenna is on the Floriculture CDE team and likes it because she loves to work with flowers. Her SAE involves her work at the Railway Bar and Grill.

McKenna’s favorite FFA activity is FFA Week. Something she would like to try in FFA is to be top seller for the fruit sale because she loves to sell fruit. By being in FFA, McKenna has learned how to become a better leader and become more responsible with her work. She is most proud of being Star Greenhand, her Sophomore Achievement Award, and being the Top Junior Blue and Gold Award Winner.

Edwin Flores is a 12th grader at Sleepy Eye Public School and has been in FFA for 6 years. He joined FFA for the great and amazing opportunities that came with being an FFA member. Edwin is the Chapter Historian and he liked it because he enjoyed making all of the picture posters for the Ag Room, so everyone could see how fun the events were and he liked being able to look at all the good times everyone has had being involved in the FFA events.

Edwin’s favorite FFA activity is the Region VI Volleyball Tournament and Fun Night because he loves doing fun activities and playing volleyball. By being in FFA, Edwin learned that FFA is for everyone and it is very fun. He has also learned so much about agriculture, due to the amazing teachers/advisors that taught him to grow out of his comfort zone. He is most proud of earning his Phoenix Award and being a Ten Star Leader.

Alex Joramo was a 9th grader for 2019-20. He has been in FFA for 2 years. He joined FFA because he wanted to be on the FFA trapshooting team and joining FFA was the only way to do that, so he joined and never looked back. For an SAE, Alex raises rabbits and sells their offspring.

Alex’s favorite FFA activity is the Ag. Sales Competition. Alex enjoys working together with his team as well as talking and selling products to people. In FFA, he has learned better ways to study, and how to manage and maintain a project. In Ag. Classes, Alex has learned about various aspects of agriculture. Alex is looking forward to being a Chapter Officer for 2020-21. This past year he was on the Junior Officer Team, but is excited to do even more as a Chapter Officer. Alex is most proud of his Greenhand Degree, Freshmen Leadership Award, and Summer All-star Award.

Asha Schmid is in the 12th Grade. She has been in FFA for 6 years. She joined FFA to get to know other students and to participate in the events and activities. For her SAE, Asha works at Divine Providence as a dietary aide where she sets up the tables for the residents for supper; she said supper looks a little different now as residents are currently served in their rooms. She also charts what people eat to help Divine ensure residents have a healthy diet, collects trays when people are done eating, and washes dishes.

Asha’s favorite activity in FFA is FFA Fun Nights because she liked the games and how different kids would get together to have fun. In food science class, Asha learned how to measure ingredients and how to cook different foods, making things like hamburgers, mini pies, cookies, and so much more. The awards that she is most proud of are being a Six Star Leader and a Summer FFA All-Star. Asha would encourage any student to join FFA because it really is a great way to meet people and explore different things!