Thank you for voting!

Deb Moldaschel
The Sleepy Eye Herald Dispatch
The Sleepy Eye Herald Dispatch

Another wait to learn who is the next President of the United States. That’s not a surprise, we’ve been told for many weeks that some key states don’t start counting absentee ballots until Election Day. Hopefully by the time you are reading this we will have an answer.

One thing we don’t need to worry about is that something “fishy” is going on. Each state sets their own rules about counting ballots. Each ballot cast according to a state’s rules must be counted.

At least we didn’t have to wait to learn who will represent us on the Sleepy Eye City Council. Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all who ran for office.

We will also have a new person on the School Board, thanks to the two women who put themselves forward as write-in candidates. I was surprised to learn that write-in candidates are supposed to register with the county election office so local election officials can count them on Election Day.

Who knew? (Me, now.)

The write-in votes are counted and tallied up by the county election office (on Nov. 4 they told me.) I’ll have that information on our website, probably before you read this.

Thank you to everyone who took part in our democracy by voting!