New sports writers, me and Katie

Deb Moldaschel
The Sleepy Eye Herald Dispatch

Well, I think the kids, their parents and their coaches are happy to be playing volleyball and football now. I think the ADs and officials are still grappling with the guidelines on fans in the stands and essential personnel. Anyway, we are for sure still figuring out how to get pictures of the student athletes in action. Let’s just say it’s a work in progress.

But, thankfully, we do have a solution on how to cover all the games and give the kids the attention they deserve. Shortly before the announcement that volleyball and football would return, I heard from freelance writer Katie Roiger. She asked if the newspaper ever needed someone to write on assignment.

I checked out Katie’s resume and writing samples — all excellent — and asked her what she knows about volleyball. It turned out she has the same experience and knowledge about volleyball that I do. Very little. In my defense, my girls played tennis in the fall. I just never got into volleyball, other than reading about our high school teams in the Herald-Dispatch (and proofreading the stories — so I was almost prepared — I’ve looked up VB terminology before.)

Katie was interested in covering our football teams and I knew I could count on the coaches to help me with my volleyball skills. We had a deal.

Thanks to all the coaches for their help.

I am working with the schools on getting pictures and we’ll get the kinks worked out soon.

Katie and her husband are new residents of Sleepy Eye. I’ll ask her to introduce herself to the readers next week.

(I wonder what she knows about basketball?)

Tuesday night’s City Council meeting was a nice, calm and quick meeting. Maybe it is the time of year — budget work is done, construction projects are wrapping up making for short engineer reports, nothing controversial on the agenda. Later today (Wednesday) the School Board meets. Their agenda also looks kind of skimpy. I wonder if they can get it done in under 23 minutes?

On Monday night, Oct. 19, be sure to tune in to the City Council Election Forum being put on by the S.E. Young Professionals. You can view it on Ch. 8 or the YPs Facebook page. The action starts at 7 p.m.