I am ready to vote (update - I voted by mail)

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The Sleepy Eye Herald Dispatch
The Sleepy Eye Herald Dispatch

We had an early deadline this week and I had to finish everything by the end of the work day on Tuesday. That means you are spared my opinions on the debate between President Trump and Vice President Biden. That might be good for you and me.

So, instead I will write about our local election. I won’t share who I plan to vote for, or who I think has better ideas for Sleepy Eye if they are elected to serve on the City Council. I will say I prefer positive plans to negative complaints — but that’s the beauty of our system. We each get to vote for the candidates — local, state, and national — we think will do the best job for us, their constituents.

Thank you to our local candidates for offering to serve and for answering the questions for the front page article.

I understand the Sleepy Eye Young Professionals have scheduled a virtual candidate forum for the City Council election on Oct. 19. I’ll get all the details for next week’s paper.

Next week we will also feature the candidates for the District 84 Board of Education.

I received my absentee ballot in the mail yesterday. I sent for absentee ballots before the Primary Election and tried the process then. You need to follow the directions correctly, but it really isn’t difficult to do. I think I will mail it back tomorrow.

I feel President Trump is doing a grave disservice to our country when he casts doubt on the accuracy of election results for those of who choose to mail in our ballots. The system is safe and secure.