Got roads? Sleepy Eye does

Deb Moldaschel
The Sleepy Eye Herald Dispatch

The big dig that is in the middle of the 12th Avenue and St. Mary’s Street construction project is visible just down the end of my street (Emmerich NE). I’ve gone down that way a couple times to try to take a picture that would give an idea of what is going on. I just can’t get one from ground level, that’s why I asked Dave Palm if Bolton & Menk had taken any cool pictures with their drone.

They probably do have some cool pictures, but even better for us, Dave asked Jesse Zeig to go out Tuesday morning and take some new pictures. Thank you to both Dave and Jesse for the great photos of the project. Jesse sent a folder with 18 pictures in it! It was hard to pick the one I wanted to put on the front page — but the one I picked showed the entire project and I hope you get an idea of the scope of this project from that picture.

The new roads in that area will be finished gravel roads this fall. The guys — Dave and Mike (Hardin) — say we should be able to drive on them later this fall and winter. I think that winter driving depends on how much snow we get and how well the gravel roads hold up to a snowplow.

Next year the new roads will get curb and gutter and bituminous surface.

This project is creating a number of commercial and residential lots so Sleepy Eye can continue to offer opportunities for new businesses, utility sheds and new homes.

It is a very big project and the city council spent years putting all the financing and planning together. Just getting the railroad to agree to a new crossing was a big hurdle, so it is great to see it is done.

If you live or travel through the streets the city has been rebuilding this summer — mostly in the south part of town, but scattered everywhere — you also know about the scope of that project also. Sleepy Eye has a lot of very nice streets now and there will be more work to finish that project next year also.

Thank you to our city leaders for your hard work on these projects.