Ready for a blue skies autumn

Deb Moldaschel
The Sleepy Eye Herald Dispatch

Well, that was abrupt. I went from shorts and t-shirts to jeans and sweaters—my work from home (professional) attire.

But, truthfully, I love autumn. The colorful leaves, crisp air and blue skies kind of autumn. Gray, wet, and cold autumn—not so much. I do have an office (sun room at home) window view of a couple trees that are starting to turn red and gold. Blue skies must be next!

I am not much of an exercise person, but I’ve been trying to get out for bike rides a couple times each week. Saturday morning I biked around the lake. Confession: It was the first time this year that I went all the way around. My normal route is to meander around some city streets on my way to the lake, cross the highway by Divine and bike out to the campground (and then back home).

I like to ride through the campground on Saturday mornings and see how much our visitors enjoy it. There are campers in every spot, some tents scattered around, and people in the cabins. We have an absolute jewel of a campground — thanks to the vision of city councilors who decided to make the investment and the dedicated work of our parks department.

Back to my biking habits. Another confession: I know I need to exercise, but I also look for streets with little incline (or a nice down hill section!) When you bike around the lake those inclines are just there — no optional route. Oh well, good exercise for my old legs and heart!