I didn’t think it was funny

Deb Moldaschel
The Sleepy Eye Herald Dispatch

Did you notice the picture on the front page — of our area’s Republican candidates for office? I pulled into Haala Industries parking lot at the same time the car caravan arrived. I said hello to Mary and Greg Bartz.

Next I saw Senator Gary Dahms and said hello and exchanged a few pleasantries. Then I said hello to Representative Paul Torkelson. He mentioned this was the first public event he’d attended in a long time. I know the feeling. I’m pretty much confined to my beautiful sunroom, typing away (but enough complaining.)

Congressman Jim Hagedorn said hello, how are you doing. Jason Lewis, the candidate running against Senator Tina Smith was there with his campaign vehicle (good backdrop for a photo!)

As the fellows were getting lined up for the photo I wanted for our front page, I casually mentioned what Paul had said about not being at public events lately.

Jason Lewis had a great one-liner for that conversation. Anyway he thought it was funny. He said at least it [COVID-19] will all be over on Nov. 4 — one way or another.

Of course, I’ve heard that before, either as part of some conspiracy theory or as a joke I don’t find amusing.

I wonder if Lewis believes the families of the over 170,000 people in our country who have died from COVID-19 think that is a funny joke? Or, does he really think it is all a hoax?

I drove away feeling sad. Not chuckling at all.