We are in this together

Deb Moldaschel and Brandon Streich
Deb Moldaschel, Editor and Brandon Streich, Sports Writer

School. School sports.

Big decisions on how Minnesota schools and school sports will adapt to the pandemic were recently announced. Both of us have been focused on what these decisions would be and on how our school communities would adapt.

Deb: I’ve been in contact with local school administrators several times this summer. I’ve been following the news on COVID-19 in Minnesota and in Brown County. I’ve been following any news about how schools will start this fall.

Our local schools have been working on their “starting school” options all summer. They already had their plans in place and had a solid idea of how they would implement the state guidelines when they were announced. I commend our educators on their focus on student and staff safety and well-being. They truly have the best interests of the students and their families in mind.

Brandon: The MSHSL is moving football and volleyball to the spring and creating a “fourth-season” for traditional spring sports. The MSHSL was faced with an impossible task to make a decision that would satisfy everybody.

Was the decision perfect? No, nothing ever really is.

What happens if winter sports cannot be played? Spring sports basically got the axe in back-to-back seasons. Last year getting canceled and now this year facing a shortened season beginning mid-May. If the school ball season runs through July, you have to wonder what happens to VFW and Legion programs, again for the second year in a row.

I am also curious to see how the state of Minnesota is going to have football fields ready in the spring. Fields may be packed with snow and will either be cold and hard or wet and sloppy and get torn to shreds.

The plan the MSHSL unveiled may frustrate some people. I think it is important to remember that they are under a lot of pressure to make a “perfect” decision.

As I wrote in the article on school sports: it is essential we help student-athletes adapt and keep them focused on real life perspectives.

Let’s remember who this is affecting the most — our young, student-athletes. Pray for their well being and their mental health. I will have more thoughts on this next week, but I feel for a lot of the kids that are being impacted by the decision.

Brandon and Deb: As adults, we should all support our schools, coaches, and students by helping to make this work, rather than finding fault and complaining. The kids are watching and listening to us. We can set the tone — we are in this together.