Wear a face mask for those you love

Deb Moldaschel
The Sleepy Eye Herald Dispatch

Face masks — why are some people (maybe you) opposed to wearing one?

Maybe by the time you read this the governor will have called for everyone to wear them. What do you think about that?

Three weeks ago, I wrote an article about the COVID-19 numbers in Brown County. The day I wrote it, June 23, there had been 21 cases in our county.

Today (July 14) there are 51 cases in our county. Just in case you didn’t do the math yet, that’s 30 additional cases.

So, to review: from early April when the first cases in Brown County were confirmed, through June 23, or about 11 weeks, there were 21 cases in Brown County — not quite two per week. Over the next three weeks, there were 30 more — 10 per week.

A definite uptick, wouldn’t you say? I believe it will just keep going up.

Half of those 30 cases were people in their 20s or younger — including one under 10. The other half ranged from their 30s to one person in their 80s.

I hear people say, or read what they write, that young people hardly even get sick — so don’t worry about them socializing, or going to school.

But we also know that people who don’t even feel sick can spread this virus easily. And they don’t even know it’s happening. They surely don’t want an 80-year-old person to catch it, or even a 65-year-old, like me.

As they continue to learn more about this virus, doctors, scientists, and public health professionals are now clear with their message. Face masks can help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

You wear a mask to protect me; I wear a mask to protect you. You say you don’t like to wear one? 

I wonder if the medical staff working to save COVID-19 patients like to wear them? Or, would like you to wear one?