A “Wild” graduation in Sleepy Eye

Deb Moldaschel
The Sleepy Eye Herald Dispatch

I asked this question the other week — what do you remember about your high school graduation ceremony? Well, after attending another “parking lot” graduation, I maintain my opinion that the Class of 2020 will remember their graduation in much more detail than the rest of us do.

Sleepy Eye High School’s seniors got an extra fun treat last Friday night, when the Minnesota Wild organization showed up to honor them. It was a surprise that Principal Shane Laffen knew about for only a short time.

The Wild said they “adopted” the class. Each student was given a Wild backpack full of goodies, a personalized poster, and a handwritten note of congratulations from a Wild staffer.

When Nordy, the Wild mascot, came roaring through the parking lot on an ATV, the kids cheered and horns were honking.

The Wild staff picked two Minnesota schools — one in the south (SEHS) and one in the north (Red Lake Falls) to honor in this way — having a local hockey program was part of the equation and Sleepy Eye has a long history of hockey for kids.

More fun news — after weeks of waiting, we finally know the pool will open. The success of this endeavor will depend on the cooperation of pool patrons — follow the guidelines and no complaining. All the details will be coming out soon. I think it is nice news for all of us and hope it works out well.

It’s been a rough couple weeks in Minnesota. I want to thank Chief Matt Andres for his honest and heartfelt words this month. I appreciate our police department and all they do to care for us in Sleepy Eye.