Purchaser of former Del Monte plant announces agreement; pet treat manufacturer coming

Deb Moldaschel
The Sleepy Eye Herald Dispatch

News release from Chasing Our Tails 

Chasing Our Tails, Inc., a global leader in pet treat development, manufacturing, and sales has recently reached an agreement to purchase the Seneca Foods Corporation packing plant in Sleepy Eye, formerly owned by Del Monte, for an undisclosed price.

Chasing Our Tails plans to use the almost 215,000 square foot facility in support of expanded packaging operations and new business lines.

The deal is contingent upon a number of factors including financing and business outlook considerations, but if successful, is expected to generate 50 jobs in the next couple of years.

Stephen Trachtenberg, President of Chasing Our Tail said in a statement: “I’m excited by the long term potential for growth and expansion in Sleepy Eye, and I look forward to working with local community leaders to understand the myriad of business opportunities made possible by the awakening this sleeping giant.”

CEO Elena Kalogeropoulos said “Since arriving in Southern Minnesota in 2019, Chasing Our Tails has prided itself as a community asset in the towns in which it operates. This acquisition, would triple the company’s footprint and support expanded research, development and manufacturing.”