A new home for the Sleepy Eye Faith United Methodist church parsonage

Deb Moldaschel
The Sleepy Eye Herald Dispatch

After many years as home to pastors and their families at Faith United Methodist Church in Sleepy Eye, the old parsonage got a new home Tuesday, right around the corner to a lot at 2nd Avenue SE and Linden Street. The trip was a bit more than direct as the movers, Otting House Movers, from Lakeville, had to plan a trip east on Water Street — the parsonage’s old spot behind the church — to Highway 4 then one block south to Linden Street, back to the waiting lot.

Otting House Movers pull the house toward its new home.

A move like this is choreographed in advance with all the needed assistance lined up. The police announced no parking on the two streets a day in advance and stopped traffic on the highway during that portion of the move. The PUC lifted power lines for the house to move under. Zinniel Tree Service trimmed tree limbs in advance and watched the move, just in case a last minute trim was needed.

Church officials said the parsonage was no longer being used, with future use also in question. The decision was made to sell the house, making way for much needed off-street parking for the congregation.

John Dietz, of Cottonwood Properties, purchased the house and make all arrangements for it’s move. He said he hopes to have it ready to sell next spring. Dietz’s motto for his company is “Restoring Neighborhoods One Home At A Time.” With this project he gave an old home a new life, filled an empty lot, and gave Faith United Methodist Church a new option on their property.