News from Sleepy Eye's Police Chief Matt Andres

Deb Moldaschel
The Sleepy Eye Herald Dispatch

Every November my article subject is pretty much already picked out well in advance. I apologize for not having an original theme for this article, but we are starting snow emergency season. 

The city of Sleepy Eye uses the Police Nixle service to declare a snow emergency. Just so everyone is in the know—Nixle has changed their name to Everbridge Nixle. The web site to sign up for the service is You can also sign up by texting 56085 to 888777. By signing up you will receive notification about snow emergencies. 

Nixle changed their notifications this past year. You can only receive email or text notifications not both. The default is email, so if Nixle has your email you will no longer receive the text notification unless you choose that option. If you would like to receive text notification log onto your account and select the account tap in the upper right corner. On the right is a check box that is labeled “Disable All Email Notifications.” Click the box and click save at the bottom of the menu. 

Once a snow emergency is declared all vehicles in the downtown area must be removed within two hours or be subject to citation and tow. Vehicles are towed at the owner’s expense. The downtown area is Main Street from 4th Avenue East to Highway 4; one city block north and south of Main Street on 2nd Avenue East, 1st Avenue and 2nd Avenue West. Vehicles also need to be removed from Oak Street from 3rd Avenue NE to 2nd Avenue NW. Once snow is cleared from the downtown area vehicles can again park there. 

Once a snow emergency is declared all vehicles in Sleepy Eye have 24 hours to be moved to a plowed area of the street. Vehicles can not park in an unplowed section of the street until it has been cleared of snow. 

The day following a snow emergency the Police Department will drive every street in town and issue parking citations to any vehicle that has not been moved to a cleaned area. When you move a vehicle to the cleaned area of the street you must leave enough room for the plow to clean any remaining snow. Vehicles are still in violation if you park right next to unplowed snow blocking the plows. 

If anyone has questions, or needs assistance registering for Nixle, please feel free to call me at 794-3711 or stop up to the Police Station. 

I hope everyone has a safe winter.