Senior scholarships and awards announced at Sleepy Eye High School graduation

Deb Moldaschel
Abby Hoffmann stopped for a photo after receiving her diploma and packet of awards and scholarships. Abby is wearing the Gold Cord for academic achievement, Blue Cord for Minnesota Honor Society membership, and Red Cord from the Red Cross for participation in blood drives.

Each spring, Sleepy Eye High School holds a banquet to honor the Gold Cord recipients and present scholarships. This was not possible this spring, so the scholarships and awards were announced during the graduation ceremony held Friday evening, June 5.

Sixteen seniors were awarded gold cords for academic achievement: Maranda Braulick, Kalli Christensen, Isaac Finstad, Emma Fischer, Ethan Fischer, Crystal Hecht, Abigail Hoffmann, Isaac Huiras, Jacob Meyer, Brynja Mielke, Jaclyn Nessett, Martina Nienhaus, Cali Rossbach, Kathryn Schroepfer, Matthew Sellner, Alexa Steffl.


Americana Community Bank, $1,000 - Cali Rossbach.

American Legion, $200 - Martina Nienhaus.

American Red Cross Scholarship, $250 - Abigail Hoffmann.

L.A. Amundson Scholarships - Crystal Hecht, Brynja Mielke, Alexa Steffl.

Class of 1964, $750 - Emma Fischer, Crystal Hecht, Brynja Mielke and Alexa Steffl.

Farmer Scholarship, $3000 x 4 years - Abigail Hoffmann, Isaac Huiras, Martina Nienhaus and Alexa Steffl.

Lilly Fischer, 4-year $5,000 - Isaac Huiras and Kathryn Schroepfer; 2-year $2500 - Jacob Meyer and Ethan Fischer.

Tyler Hadley Memorial Scholarship, $500 - Alexa Steffl.

Chisey Hansen Family Memorial Scholarship - $500 - Abigail Hoffmann.

Hilbert Hansen, $200 - Matthew Sellner and Alexa Steffl.

Kaylie Hogue Memorial Scholarship, $500 - Brittney Dittbenner,

John and Barb Ladd Memorial Scholarship, $750 - Juan Cortez and Jacob Meyer.

Lions Club Student of the Year, $250 - Alexa Steffl.

John Mangen Memorial Scholarship, $500 - Matthew Sellner and Brynja Mielke.

Richard and Mary Lou Mathiowetz Family Scholarship, $1,000 - Maranda Braulick, Brittney Dittbenner, Martina Nienhaus and Kathryn Schroepfer.

Minnesota Driffters Memorial Scholarship, $1,000 - Martina Nienhaus.

Miss Sleepy Eye Scholarships - Queen Maranda Braulick, Princess Jaclyn Nessett and Princess Asha Schmid.

Murthy Medical Scholarship - $500, Crystal Hecht and Abigail Hoffmann.

Speckman Scholarship, $1,000 - Cassidy Hoffmann, Macy Schenk

Steinke Scholarship, $500 - Trista Fulton

Nuvera/R. T. Rodenberg Memorial Scholarship, $500 - Brynja Mielke.

Sellner Brothers Science, Engineering, Technology Scholarship - Martina Nienhaus.

SEEA Scholarship, $500 - Cali Rossbach.

Sleepy Eye Education Foundation Scholarship, $750 - Abigail Hoffmann, Martina Nienhaus, Cali Rossbach and Kathryn Schroepfer.

Sleepy Eye Education Foundation Trades Prep Scholarship, $750 - Brienna Barnes, Maranda Braulick, Juan Cortez, Brittney Dittbenner, Ethan Fischer, Jacob Meyer and Colten Myers.

Melvin and Carol Speckman Memorial Scholarship, $2,000 - Martina Nienhaus.

Mildred W. Steinke Memorial Scholarship - Cali Rossbach.

VFW Scholarship, $200 - Brynja Mielke and Matthew Sellner.

Sue Windschitl Memorial Scholarship, $1,000 - Matthew Sellner.