Don't miss "Frozen JR" this weekend at Sleepy Eye High School

Courtesy SEHS
Special to the Herald-Dispatch

This weekend students at Sleepy Eye High School will present the musical theater production they've been practicing for several months. A story of true love and acceptance between sisters, "Frozen JR." expands upon the emotional relationship and journey between Princesses Anna and Elsa. When faced with danger, the two discover their hidden potential and the powerful bond of sisterhood. Along the way, they meet a variety of beloved characters, including an ice harvester, a reindeer, and a magical snowman, who help them on their adventure. 

While most audience members will recall and sing along with the songs made famous from the animated feature, the cast and crew of the SEHS production have been hard at work putting their own special touch on the endearing show. This version of the show features all of the original songs from the film, plus a few extra fun numbers. The “JR.” aspect of the show means it is a little shorter in running time—perfect for young audiences. 

The final rehearsals are underway. In this scene the Hidden Folk work their magic to assist Kristoff and Anna to the frozen castle—from left: Nayzeth Luna, Maddi Helget, Nora Coulson, Miah Brown, Paige Haala, Erizen Traconis, Mason Sellner and Katelyn Capacia as Kristoff and Anna, Brooke Arneson, Morgan Hoffmann, Sam Price, Megan Sellner
Elsa, played by Priscilla Martinez, finds freedom with her powers as she begins to "Let it Go."

“We have a strong and talented cast willing to put in some very long hours,” director Sandy Brinkman said. “Most everyone, especially those under the age of 10, is familiar with the story, so the cast has been working really hard to not only tell the story children and parents know, but to also add their own personality to the show.” 

Recruiting a lot of newcomers to the stage this year is just one of many highlights for Brinkman. “I am really proud of this group. They were willing to take risks, try new things, and support each other. Being on stage is not an easy thing for many people. But this group really came together. I’m grateful these kids were willing to say yes when asked!” 

Director George Hirschboeck has been working non-stop creating special effects and unique visuals for the show. 

“One of the goals Sandy and I share is to give the students and the community of Sleepy Eye new experiences,” said Hirschboeck. “With this show, we are using new technical aspects that we have not used at SEHS to bring the story, characters, and magic to life.” 

Both Brinkman and Hirschboeck, along with music director Kristina Marti, concur it will be a fun show—and they won’t hold back that it’s for the kids! "Our target audience is kids! The show's running time will assure all parents that their kids will be fully engaged from the time the curtain opens until the last snowflake falls!"

“It has been an absolute dream to work with the cast and crew of Frozen JR.," said Marti. “You do not want to miss this show.”

The directors warn audience members they may be cueing their music to "Let it Go" well into the Christmas season and offer no apologies for that!  

Opening night is Friday, Nov. 5 at 7 pm. Performances are also on Saturday at 7 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m. Tickets are available at the door one hour prior to each show.

Cast List

Young Elsa: Megan Sellner; Middle Elsa: Jaelynn Schauman; Elsa: Priscilla Martinez; Young Anna: Kamille Capacia; Middle Anna: Sam Price; Anna: Katelyn Capacia; King Agnar: Arian Saenz; Queen Iduna: Morgan Hoffmann; Kristoff: Mason Sellner; Sven: Leo Fernandez; Hans: Jackson Huiras; Weselton: Marcus Martinez; Bishop: Kyle Capacia; Olaf: Nora Coulson; Oaken: Miah Brown; Oaken Family: Paige Haala, Jaelynn Schauman, Sam Price, Morgan Hoffmann; Pabbie: Erizen Traconis; Bulda: Brooke Arneson; Hidden Folk: Morgan Hoffmann, Nayzeth Luna, Jaelynn Schauman, Sam Price, Paige Haala, Megan Sellner, Kamille Capacia, Maddi Helget, Leisha Martinez; Townspeople: Morgan Hoffmann, Nayzeth Luna, Jaelynn Schauman, Sam Price, Paige Haala, Leisha Martinez, Erizen Traconis, Brooke Arneson, Miah Brown, Ellen Windschitl, Maddi Helget, Mackenna Fischer; Castle Staff: Leisha Martinez, Maddi Helget, Miah Brown, Paige Haala; Castle Guards: Mason Myers, Winsten Nienhaus; Summer Dancers: Jezzel Del Toro, Megan Sellner, Kamille Capacia, Kyle Capacia, Leisha Martinez, Nayzeth Luna. Lights/Sound/Tech: Julia Berkner, Nathan Rathman, Kelly Nachreiner, Jezzel Del Toro.