Spreading the sunshine in Gibbon

Staff reports

The city of Gibbon has partnered with Johnny Olson of Fish Sunflowers to spread some sunshine—a field of sunflowers named “Field of Memories.” Local coordinator Maggie Buettner said the 8-acre field is dedicated to Alzheimer’s Association patients, caregivers, and families. There is a special trail through the field lined with Alzheimer’s pinwheels.

"The land is actually owned by the city of Gibbon and previously rented to a local farmer," said Buettner. "The city of Gibbon paired with Johnny Olson to plant the field of sunflowers. He has planted sixteen fields around the metro area, Gibbon, and Albert Lea. Fish Sunflowers' mission is to spread the sunshine and build community relationships." 

The sunflower field is located at 211 W 8th Street in Gibbon. It is open to the public Aug. 26 through Sept. 3, sunrise to sunset. 

Buttner said there is no cost to visit the field. Visitors can walk over a mile of trails, take pictures with fun props, and enjoy the abundance of monarchs and dragonflies. 

"It’s very easy to sit and just watch the monarchs flying around and enjoy the peacefulness of the atmosphere," she said. "We also included a special driveway for car/motorcycle enthusiasts to take a picture of their vehicles by the flowers."

Buettner said the props in the field were contributed by members of the community and many volunteer hours were given to organize the experience. Updates of the field can be found at fishsunflowers.com.  

"Johnny’s motto is 'No cost, no expectations,' but we are pretty confident this will put a smile on everyone’s face who visits," Buettner said.