Sleepy Eye Christmas House Decorating NOT-Contest starting now!

Deb Moldaschel
The Sleepy Eye Herald Dispatch

Back by (my) popular demand: In December the Herald-Dispatch will feature submitted photos of decorated houses and yards, every week, starting with the Dec. 2 newspaper. This was fun last year and who doesn't love fun?

This is a House Decorating NOT-Contest—with no prizes except fame. I don’t have any limit in mind for how many photos I can include but I also can't guarantee anything—it all depends on how much other important news happens. But, pretty high up on the list for the Christmas season is news of the beauty around us.  

Share your beauty! Email photos to or send them by text to 507-227-8458. Include your name and address so people can find it when they are driving around looking at lights. Send your photo whenever you take it (Monday is deadline day). I’ll get it in the next available spot.

A house decorated for the Christmas season!