Letters to Baby Jesus from Kindergarten and 1st grade students at St. Mary's Catholic School

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Mrs. Pelzel's Kindergarten Class

Mrs. Pelzel's Kindergarten class, front from left: Blake Schwartz, Hayden Huiras, Evie Maurer, Brooklyn Hoffmann, Jack Schumacher, Ethan Gonzalez, and Peyton Rothmeier. Middle: Emersyn Bloedow, Bentley Riebel, Henry Pietig, Sam Schultz, Addie Ibberson, Parker WIndschitl, and Ryker Lux. Back: Kaden Marti, Emmalyn Berkner, Lizzy Fischer, Henry Armbruster, Laney Folkens, Beckett Severson, and Benny Schwartz.

Dear Baby Jesus, I hoPe you HAve a good Christmas. Do you Have the donkey anymore? ThAnk you For my mom and dAd. I love you Jesus! Love, Emmalyn Berkner

I ask baby Jesus for a pink truck filled with love for everyBody in the whole wide world. With a doll! Happy Birthday baby Jesus! Brooklyn Hoffmann 2021

Dear Baby JeSuS, PleaSe SaY hi to my farm PaPa. PleaSe Watch over my familY. thank you. I love You! Sam Schultz

Dear Jesus, I Want to PraY for the Poor People who don’t have food. I pray for my finger that got smashed in The door. You died on the cross so we could go to heaven. Love, Ryker Lux

Dear Baby Jesus I am happy for your birthbay. I will go to church thank you for ChristMas I Will Pray fou you Love Beckett Severson.

DeaR BaBy JESUS HoW OLD ArE YOU BaBy JESUS? Is god rEALLy iN OUr HEArTS? Henry ArmbrUster

Dear Baby Jesus, I Want a little ChriStmaS tree. I Want a PuPPy. I Want a KItteN. I Want a HORSE. I AM Happy you died oN The CROSS for us. AdElyN IbbeRSON

Dear Bady JeSUS, Thank you for dying so we can get to Heaven. Thank you Jesus for loving us and making our hearts grow. Thank you Jesus for loving my family. I am very happy Jesus that you make games. Jesus I love you! Love, Laney F.

Dear Baby Jesus, I hope you are doing well this christmas season. I was hoping you could bring me a remote control car or truck. I would also like a paw patrol game. Love, Kaden Marti

Hi Baby Jesus, Thank you baby Jesus for making the whole world. Happy Birthday! Love, Hayden Huiras

Baby Jesus, I hope you have a wonderful birthday! I pray for you to have a wonderful Christmas. I pray for you! I love you. Love, Parker W

Der Baby JeSuS Wont You BLeSS Me I LovE BabY JeSUS Henry Pietig

Dear Baby Jesus, I’m excited for your birthday. Christmas is my half birthday. Thank you for people, animals, food, clothes, and the world. Thank you for Santa for bringing us presents. I have been good. I love you very much and thank you for cookbooks. Evie Maurer

Dear Baby Jesus, I love you because you made me. I hope you have a good birthday on Christmas. ThanK you for making our baby and for my family and friends because we Play together. have a Merry Christmas Love you Emersyn Bloedow

Dear Jesus. Hi Jesus, How are you? Thank you for all the love on earth, Thank you for the food you give us. Please pray for my whole family. Love. Lizzy Fischer

Baby Jesus, What animal is your favorite that was in the barn when you were born? I really like celebrating your birthday. Was laying in the hay comfy? Sorry that you died on the cross. I will keep praying to you. Happy birthday Jesus! Love, Blake Schwartz

Dear Baby Jesus I am excited that your birthday is coming up. I love you and my family and friends. Thank you and happy birthday. Love, Peyton Rothmeier

Dear Baby Jesus, Happy Birthday Baby Jesus! My birthday is in November. I love Christmas. I like to be with my family and opening presents. I pray for my family. Love, Ben Schwartz

Dear baby Jesus Thank you for all you do for all of us. Thank you for letting me go to school St. Mary’s where we learn about you. Please keep all people safe for Christmas. I hope you have a good birthday baby JeSuS. Love, Jack ScHumacher

Dear Buby JeSuS, DU you love us? will You heal everyone that is hurt? Will you pray for everyone in Heaven? I love you Baby Jesus. Will you please take the Covid away from everyone? Love, Bentley Riebel

Dear baby Jesus, I have been good. I like elves. I would like a present. Ethan Gonzalez

Mrs. Schwartz' 1st grade class

Mrs. Schwarz' 1st grade class, front from left: Josie Pelzel, Allee Jane Hoffmann, Emme Braulick, Cora Mathiowetz, and Rosie Pietig. Middle: Quinn Cook, Leo Seidl, Bennett Braulick, Ralyn Krebs, Leo Schultz, and Piper Ibberson. Back: Brogan Braulick, Jack Sellner, Franco Gonzalez, MJ Wagner, Jack Heiderscheidt, Bryce Fischer, Avery Cook, Preston Rothmeier, Charles Currans, and Emma Schmid.

Dear Baby Jesus, I love you. I Hope you have a good Birthday. I love you so much. I’m thanKful for the Church. I am thanKfuL for Chistmas becuse it is your Birthday. happy Birthday Jesus we lern about you. we pray for you  love, Charles Currans

Dear Baby Jesus, Happy BrithDay I wish I could see you and I wish that I could give you presents I am Happy that you made Christmas I am thanKful for your birthDay because it is on December 25. you are the best because you made me I Love you baby Jesus you are the best because you made the whole wide world To: Baby Jesus Form: Leo Schultz

Baby Jesus, I Love you so much. you hlep me do everything. Happy Brthday. I really want to see you so much. you are the Best Jesus. I am thankful for saints. mary Chistmas. I hope your family is happy on Chistmas day Jesus I Love you. Love Brogan Braulick

Dear Baby Jesus, HaPPy birthday to Baby jesus I love You I am thankful for baby jesus. I am thankful for the animals. From PiPer Ibberson

Dear Baby Jesus, Happy birthday. I am sory fo the sins tath I did. Merry Christmas. Thank you fo meken the world. I am thankful fo babe Jesus. frum Mj wagner.

Dear Baby Jesus, I am thankful the world I am thankful the flowers and I’m thankful the birds Happy Birthday. From Emme Braulick

Dear Baby Jesus, I hope you have a veary good birthday and many saints come there that they give you lots of presents and shinene presents to you love Leo from Leo seidl

Dear Baby Jesus, its your birthday. Im thankful for the saints. Merry Christmas to you. Love Rosie Pietig

Dear Baby Jesus, I Love you so much. Happy birthday. Im thankful for everything. I Love you Jesus. I am excited for Christmas. Happy Christmas Jesus. Happy Christmas. Love Quinn Cook

Dear Baby Jesus, I Love You so much. Happy birthday. I hope you have a very good birthday. I Love You Baby Jesue so much. merry-Christmas. I am thankful for my mom and Dad and my brother and sister and my Dog and my cats and my home and for me. Love Coraline Rosa Mathiowetz

Dear Baby Jesus, I love you because you died for us. Happ Birthday Jesus! I love chrschirstmas! Happ chrschirstmas Jesus. Love Allee Jane Hoffmann

Dear Baby Jesus, I love you Baby Jesus so much. I am thankful for the buffalo and the pigs and the chickens and the cats and the chicks I am thankful for the horses and the Kittens and for the cows and the people and the elves and the ducks. love Bryce Clayton Fischer

Dear Baby Jesus, I am sorry you dide. Merry christmas! I am thnkful for the world. I love you. Thank you for making Sully and Payton Thank you for making mom and dad. love, Ralyn Krebs

Dear Baby Jesus, I luve you because I luve Christmas. I’m thankful for Jesus. I like that you died on the cross and rose again. luve frum Bennett Braulick.

Dear Baby Jesus, I luve you becuse Christmas is a bat the stre and you. Dear Jesus I am hape that you mad Christmis luve fum Jack Heiderscheidt

Dear Baby Jesus, HaPPy brthtday to Baby Jesus I Love you. I am thankful for ererybody in the world. Love Avery Cook

Dear Baby Jesus, happy birthday Jesus. I wish you a Merry Christmas. Thanks for making me. Thank you for maki holidays. Thank you for making clothes. I am thankful for the animals. I am thankul for baby Jesus. Love Emma Schmid.

Dear Baby Jesus, I am gon to wisconsin I am gon to the cabin. Happy birthday. I am thankful for my Dad. I am thankful for Jesus. love Preston Rothemeier

Dear Baby Jesus, HappY birthdaY. I luv yu BabY Jesus. I am thankful for presents, my famiY and friends. Merry christmas Jesus Love, JacK sellner

Dear Baby Jesus, Thank you for being Jesus. I love you baby Jesus. Thank you for Toby for mrs. Schwartz and the sun. Happy birthday Jesus! Love Franco Gonzalez

Dear Baby Jesus, my family opeens presents and spend time wiht each other I am Happy you wr born I love Christmas. to Jesus frum Josie Pelzel