After receiving a conditional use permit from the City of Redwood Falls to install a drive-up window for the license center at the Redwood County government center in Redwood Falls, the county commissioners discussed the project at their Sept. 1 meeting.

During that discussion, the board learned that things have been put on hold for the time being. The reason for the delay has to do with the layout of the building as it relates to the area in the alley where the window is scheduled to be placed.

According to Vicki Kletscher, county administrator, an issue arose when it was discovered that the current window would not meet the needs of the public as it is not low enough to be reached by people in their vehicles.

Simply lowering the window does not completely address the issue either, added Knobloch, as that would mean on the inside of the building the window would only be 12 inches above the floor.

The commissioners discussed other potential options for the project, but did not come up with a solution.

One of the concerns is the fact that the project is being done using the federal funds allocated to the county as part of the CARES Act.

A deadline to spend those funds has been established, which means the project has a specific timeline by which it needs to be completed.

The board directed Kletscher to seek some options that would make the project feasible. 

In other action during its meeting the county board:

• Approved the termination of the Redwood County Child Advocacy Center program (CAC) and the grant with the Office of Justice Programs as part of the process toward transitioning the program toward becoming a non-profit entity effective as of Oct. 1.

• Approved a transfer of $747,000 from the human services fund to the general fund.