City Hall - limited reopening on June 1.

The Sleepy Eye City Council held a special meeting on Wednesday, May 20, to hold the preliminary assessment hearing the 12th Avenue and St. Mary’s Street project. Engineer Dave Palm went over the assessable costs and applied them to the lots that have been platted in the area. The city is the main property holder, and two other individual property owners listened to the meeting and did not ask questions or make comment. A motion was passed unanimously to order the improvement.

A discussion of prices for the lots the city has for sale followed. City Manager Bob Elston said he would prepare a couple of options for the council’s consideration.

Another special meeting was scheduled for 5 p.m. on May 27 to consider the sale of bonds to finance this summer’s street projects.

One other item of business was a resolution adopted to move the polling location from the Community Center to the Event Center for the August Primary and the November General Election.

Following the council meeting, the finance committee met and discussed options for reopening city facilities. Elston said parks and restrooms would reopen with signage explaining daily cleaning. He said City Hall will reopen on June 1, only for DMV transactions and building permits — with people entering from the east door and exiting through the west door. The restrooms will remain closed. Utility payments should continue to be dropped off in the drop box.

Elston said the Community Center and Event Center would remain closed for now.

A discussion was held on when or whether to open the pool. Elston said the League of Cities recommends not opening city pools. He said the pool cannot be opened at this time anyway - due to the state orders. The council decided to hold off on a pool decision.

Elston said the campground will open when Governor Walz announced it is okay. [Which happened that afternoon, when a June 1 opening date was announced. Elston later confirmed the campground would open June 1.]