All the best to our local graduates!

What do you remember about your high school graduation ceremony? I suppose the passage of time does affect our memories — and granted it was in 1973 — but I don’t remember a whole lot from graduation. I loved school and have wonderful memories from kindergarten through the last day of my senior year.

But, I don’t remember much about the actual graduation ceremony. I have a picture in my mind of us standing in the hall preparing to enter the gym. And, that’s all.

I don’t know when the tradition changed, but when I was at Sleepy Eye High School, and for many years after, the final week of school final exams were on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday was a work day for the teachers and graduation was held that night.

On Friday morning all the high school students, including the seniors who graduated the night before, were in that gym again for the end of year awards and to get report cards. I remember that.

So, to this year’s graduates — the Class of 2020 — I think you will have more vivid memories of your high school graduation ceremony than many before you.

At St. Mary’s on Sunday afternoon, the graduates were each focused on individually as they picked up their diplomas. They also sat with their families throughout the ceremony. Certainly, special and fun conversations went on inside those vehicles.

Class of 2020, you have an experience to remember. Best wishes for your future!