The state legislators will host town hall meetings over the radio airwaves today - KLGR at 3 p.m. and KNUJ at 6 p.m.

Every year when the legislative session ends, State Senator Gary Dahms (R – Redwood Falls) and State Representative Paul Torkelson (R – Hanska) host town hall meetings. These meetings provide District 16B residents an outlet to visit with their legislators on important issues. The COVID-19 outbreak prevents the senator and representative from meeting with constituents one-on-one.

Fortunately, they have come up with an innovative solution to continue the town hall meeting tradition.

On Wednesday, May 27, the state legislators will host town hall meetings over the radio airwaves. They will be on KLGR Radio in Redwood Falls at 3 p.m. and KNUJ Radio in New Ulm at 6 p.m.

Questions from constituents were accepted through last Friday.

“We always look forward to our town hall meetings and visiting with constituents,” said Senator Dahms. “Although we cannot hold a town hall meeting in the traditional sense, we will still be able to answer our constituents’ concerns.”

Representative Torkelson said, “The coronavirus pandemic forced us to come up with a creative way of hosting a town hall meeting. Thankfully, technology allows us stay in touch with our constituents during this unique time.”